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post-ov CM question


Sorry for TMI, but I'm wondering if you can help.

I ov'd 5-6 days ago and for the past two, maybe three days I've had loads and loads of watery, but opaque (I guess creamy in colour) cm. I looked online and saw this can be both a sign of AF or pg.

AF is due Sat 5th Dec. Does anyone have any experience of this? I don't want to get my hopes up at all, but it's obviously a sign of something, even if AF! We're on month 4.

TMI (sorry), but I constantly feel damp. Niiiice.

Thanks for any insight you can offer!



  • hello

    during a 'normal' cycle they say you should experience something like


    This however does vary from woman to woman and what you need to look out for is whats normal for you and any changes,

    i used to become dry prior to AF and my BFP cycle i was very wet

    good luck

  • Hey tipi i did a post about this the other day i have had lots of creamy cm am due AF weds 2nd dec

    I so hope its a sign for a BFP!!!!

    i dont normally ever get any CM!!! so i am praying it is!!! imageimage
  • Thanks ladies, it helps to get some other thoughts on it.

    Hmmm I'm definitely wet. I'm trying to think back to last month, but I refused to ss, so didn't jot anything down. I *think* I may have had a bit of CM, so perhaps this is just normal. I'll make sure I note it this time, in case I need to refer back next month. Thanks PP !!

    Best of luck MJ - not long to go now until Wed. Crossing my fingers for you - looks a good sign if this is new to you! x
  • I have heard cm can increase in early pregnancy. Dont quote me on that though. All the best!!
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