OH MY GOD, those huuuuge babies!!!

Did anyone watch that programme on big babies?? It makes you wanna slim right down so u dont have a huge baby. Im slighly overweight and im really gonna try and shift it now whilst im TTC. God what a shocker!! xx


  • yeah I watched it! Mine were tiny. (5.11, 6.2 and 5.13) so I was really lucky! There was a 10.10 one in when I had my first, and he looked so huge next to my tiny little scrap! lol!

    mind you, one of them only had a 6lb-er, so it doesnt alway follow that a larger lady will have a big baby. And the crap those mums were feeding their lo's didnt help either! That kid who was 5 stone at age 3! There is just no need. he was stuffing himself on junk food, like that 1yr old eating chips ALL the time! Her mum seemed quite proud of the fact that her lo could 'eat a whole bag of chips'! Sad!
  • Im only 3 stone heavier than that poor kid now! She was saying that she got bullied because of her weight, so why would she want to risk putting her lo through that too? he cant prepare his own food so its up to the mum to set an example and eat a healthy diet herself, and feed him healthy stuff too. She even said she spent ??50 on Thomas Tank food for him once! good grief!


  • I didn't see it but i was 10 lb 11 oz when i was born and my mum was skinny when she had me. I'll really worried i'm gonna have a big baby and its gonna hurt even more!lol My dh was tiny as he was premature and born with a hole in his heart, apparently he fitted in his dads hand when he was born. Hope our baby takes after him adn is small!!!
  • I totally agree with you ladies, why do they give their children such crap to eat, how can they be so stupid?? My 5th child was 11lb 4ozs at birth and i was only about half a stone over weight when i got pregnant. He has freash fruit and veg daily and i try and make as many family meals from scratch as i can. Theres no excuse for feeding children on junk food all the time!! It makes me really angry! xx
  • It was on itv last wed at 9, i think
  • I agree that you don't have to be big to have a big baby - I was 9st 11 before I had all 3 (5ft 6 so pretty average) and had 3 biggish babies with the biggest 10lbs 3 1/2 oz. I have breast fed them all and given them all homemade organic food. They were making a fuss about a 1 year old weighing nearly 2 stone which my 14 month old daughter does too but she has only ever had breastmilk (is still bf) and never had any sweets, chocolate or juice. She had the tiniest piece of birthday cake for her 1st bday (I'm so mean I know but what she's never had she won't miss and her face lights up when I give her grapes or pieces of apples or pears!) and has never had a chip (let alone a portion which the little girl on tv apparantly has). Now it is up to every mum what they want to feed their children (although they need to realise that if they give them food full of fat they are likely to be bigger) but I was just put out that they were saying she weighed so much when she eats junk food when my daughter weighs the same and doesn't!
    I would love a smaller baby but as I don't eat much whilst pregnant have realised that there isn't a lot I can do about it!
  • My mum was 5ft 2in, and between 7-8 stone. She had the most horrendous morning sickness, (all day sickness really) from conception to birth with all 3. I was 9lb 70z, my brother was 7lb 10oz (the small one) and my youngest brother was 10lbs 8oz!!! (All 3 were born naturally with no pain relief!!!)

    My point is, don't worry too much about your weight, ttc is enough worry alone, babies will come out all shapes and sizes no matter what your body is like!!

  • just wanted to add to this that ollie was born 9lb 2 oz, and before i got preg i was 7 1/2 stone.. i'm 5foot exact too, so he was a huge baby for me - but hubbys uncle and one of his cousins were 1stone at birth, they are both about 6foot something now and not overweight at all....

    I cant believe what they were feeding their children though - ollie has homegrown/made stuff most of the time - although he has had chips too - and he is a nice healthy weight for his size.

    As long as they are healthy it shouldnt be a problem what they weight, but the 5stone 3yr old is heartbreaking.

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