could i be???

hey ladies,

i came off my pill last mth to start tryin for another bubba. im due on 9th july, is it too early for me 2 do a test (was gona do one 1st thing 2mro) . Ive already done like 10 tests this mth even tho ita always been far 2 early to tell, drives me mad not knowin. anyway ive been goin 2 toilet alot more and been bustin when i do, also got funny tummy cramps (no urine infec, already been 2 doc 2 check). no sore boobs or sickness tho but never had that with my son. got lower back ache and feel all hormonal like im due on, every little thing is gettin 2 me. oh n feel dizzy now n then especially when i lay down and really tired by 8pm. so what do u think???? help me???

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  • im due af on 10th and i tested this morning!!! DOH!! haha
    its so silly isnt it...i think u should wait tho, im guna try to wait untill 14th if af hasnt arrived as its my birthday then and if i get a BFP itll be the best prezzie ever!!!
  • hi bubbles your symptoms do sound promising - how many days past ovulation are you?
    i would wait a few more days to test again - i hope it is a bfp then! xx
  • roughly 8 days past ovulation. shall i just do another test 2mro? x
  • hahah, nooooooooooooo
    lol, u have to wait! put the stick down and back away hee hee
  • heya bubbles im in the same situation as u babe, i feeling all yucky and dizzy past few days. Keep peeing lots, checked my urine at work (im a nurse lol) and theres no infection! I have back/neck pains and my boobs feel quite tender this morning. Im desperate to test but am scared of a BFN! x
  • so i did a test this morn. dam it!! was obviously neg. got itchy boobs now aswel. not sure if that would be a sign yet though as i'd only be just over 3 weeks pregnant x
  • good luck to everyone waiting. I am 3 days late and keep getting bfns.

    I'm 12 DPO! it's just awful. Tried not to test today but ended up going to get a pregnancy test in my lunchbrak so it wasn't first morning urine - yet another BFN.

    This happened before and I was over a week late before my period came so I am not getting my hopes up.

    I have 2 tests left but just want to try and stop peeing on them!
  • bubbles - wait until 14 days past OV and then test again! It gives more chance for HCG to show!! itchy boobs can be a sign! Good luck and to you too beanz xx
  • Oooh - I have itchy boobs!
  • OMG i know how your all feeling got cramps and bad hunger and tiered too! Wanna test but AF not due till next sat! I hate waiting!
    Good luck to you all! xx
  • So do i beanz!! And lots of other symptoms (I am with you on the being late!). Please wait clarkie if you can so you don't get disappointed! I am knackered too!
  • ooh i woke up with a spot on my nose this morn (funny place) i neva get spots so am hoping its another sign. good luck 2 everyone, seems like we're all due on within the same week. hopefully we'll all be congratulating eachother very soon xxx
  • good luck to you all! i dont know how you manage to resist the temptation to test early.
  • It is very very hard!! I will admit i did my 1st test one day early!!
  • i think if i dont buy any tests until i really need them ill be okay....but if they are in the cupboard id have to fight the urge to p on a stick. lol. will just have to avoid that isle in the supermarket.
  • Definitely!! Just don't go out in the middle of the night to get one - lol xx I think it is easier if they aren't in the house!
  • HAve done another and still BFN, now 4 days late. Really doing my head in!
  • Ah beanz thats so frustrating! Id be going out of my mind! I cant wait to test, thinking now i may buy an early test! So naughty! x
  • so i did another test a mo ago. it was bfn. the test said can b used up to 4 days before period is due and its 3 days till mine. i know theres only a 50 odd percent chance of it showin early and i also didnt do it with my 1st pee of the morning which obviously has more hcg. so do you think there is still a chance i could be?? still havin most symptoms! x
  • It's not over until af arrives. It could still be too early to show. It'll be very cruel if your body is giving you all these symptoms, from coming off the pill! Good luck. xx
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