CD1 for me AF arrived 10 days late :roll:


Just to update everyone really after all the confusion of last month and my missing in action AF, well started spotting sat just a tiny bit and then today bam witch image in full flow, its alot darker than normal almost black looking but that could be because last month i didnt have a full on cycle.

So onto the next cycle, when will I know when my next af is due, I used to have a 35 day cycle but now I have a 45 day cycle is this making my LP too long to conceive??

Any help mucho appreciated.

Thanks for being my shoulder to cry on and a ear to listen everyone its been hell on earth these last few weeks and I swear I am never getting as hung up or obsessed ever again!!

No early POAS for me as am bankrupt ha ha :lol: or at least I will be, but hey ho you live and learn eh.

PMA and babydust to all image


  • Aw SS to hear your AF popped its head, i suppose you could look at the bright side that you can start TTC again.

  • HI SD I'm sorry you've had such a carry on with things - I would have been driven to despair. TTC is hard enough, but it's not fair when you're body is not playing by the rules. I'm no expert, but I think your LP stays the same length regardless of cycle length so on longer cycles it means that you ovulate later in the cycle.

    here's to regular cycles from now on!
  • sorry SS really hoped it was a shy bean for you. Hope your not feeling to bad about it and have lots of PMA for next month xx
  • i'm so sorry to hear that SD image it must be horrible after getting your hopes up earlier.
    i don't have regular cycles so i always figure out my AF date from my ov date. like littleb says i don't think it changes with cycle length.
    hope you're doing ok xxxx
  • I will live I was getting used to it as thought it would have shown up by now. Am going to London next weekend been booked since Oct it was my 30th Bday present so am going to enjoy it and at least I wont have to bother about not drinking can enjoy a few vinos.

  • Sorry it wasn't the result you wanted hon but at least you know. Rather that than more limbo!
    Hope AF isn't too bad for you being this late, and on to another TTC month.

    Hugs & baby dust xx
  • Sorry honey, thats rubbish, hopefully next month it'll just be back to normal and then a BFP!!!!

    x x x
  • Ahh sweetie, sorry to hear that, i'm glad you've kept that lovely pma though! (((((hugs))))) xxx
  • Ahhh SD... know the feeling... I am in limbo at the moment. I'm only 3 days late so far but getting BFNs so just waiting for the old bag to turn up. Soooo frustrating! Good luck for next month.... I will be there with you xxx
  • Ah so sorry SD but at least you know either way and you're not still wondering. Get ready for next cycle x
  • All my cycles have been 35 days up until dec which was 40 days and now Jan was 45 days.

    Should I be worried my cycles have got longer??

    Also do I still average my cycle out at 35 days??


  • I am sorry she got you hun. xx
  • Sorry AF came for you hun, all that confusion was horrible. I really hope your cycle gets back on track this month x x
  • I'm not sure hon, but I'd still take the 35 days as your average and work off that. Then if you don't get a BFP this month (but PMA you WILL!!) then see what this cycle is and perhaps recalculate?

    I've just had a longer than usual cycle (normally 25 days like clockwork, even same time of day!!) and am ignoring it until I see what happens next couple of months. Hopefully yours will settle back down. Might have just been stress or something that caused it; I'm putting mine down to having had insomnia recently and still recovering!!

    Good luck getting that BFP
  • Sorry to hear that hun, been following your threads image At least you know whats going on now and can look towards next month. x
  • Hi Hun, sorry the stupid witch got you. Perhaps you might want to think about tracking your temps every morning, that was you can see when you ovulate - also if you are pg your temps stay high so it might even save you some money on tests!

    You can't really tell what your temps are doing without testing them, for example this morning I felt super hot when I woke up, but my temps were quite low!

    And the positive thing is that taking your temps gives you something else to concentrate on rather than POAS x
  • Hi SD.... I'm CD1 today so we are almost the same!! My cycles average 35 days too so I'm really hoping that you are my lucky mascot now and we will both be getting BFPs together in 35days time!!! xxx
  • Oh no KK that sucks! Will uncross my fingers now image
    At least you can go have that wild weekend of partying though!

  • Does anyone know if you can still have a period and still be pregnant? I know I have been so confused past couple of months but this does not feel like an af no period pains in sight, woke this morning there was hardly any blood on tampon would have expected to have been soaked and poas (boots) cheapie and very faint line now have had faint lines before so am not getting my hopes up!

    I just wanted to know is it possible or could this be af? or late implantation bleed, how much bleeding can you expect with implantation? prior to this for 2 weeks I had lots of watery cm/discharge and felt really wet down below ** tmi** which is why the doc wanted to test me in the first place she said it could have just been too early to detect but how late could it show up?

    The blood looks like old blood, dark red/almost black in colour and does not look like a normal af colour. I also expected to be in pain with my af as I always have been in the past, doubled over in agony etc all I have is a few twitches in my stomach and a bad bad and a gross outbreak of spots on my chin!!

    Doctor said the other day she still wanted another sample off me next wednesday, do I wait a few more days and test again with my Boots cheapie??

    Am staying calm until I know whats going on and am going to remain open minded just incase it is AF being a witch!


  • I dont really know what to say SD but didnt want to R+R...You hear allsorts or stories about people being pregnant & never knowing so I guess it *is* possible image

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