Odd Symptom BF.......

ok so my spotting lasted about 2 hours and now its gone i am feeling really good - sick and tired but good :lol: i have been left with lots of normal cm

OK since having my boy i talk about my boobs as deflated balloons or puppy ears - they hang low and flat :lol: :lol: :lol:
Well i woke today and OH said there looking odd almost FULL image Sound odd and i have never had this before but they feel as if they have been filled up :lol: :lol: They are SO SORE!!!

I woke again to go wee so couldnt test with fmu as i woke to wee almost every 2/3 hours xx
I will hold it and test in the morning xx Think i am 10DPO today xx

Forgot to add i had a really odd but fab dream about jacob(from twilight) ;\) I also had a dream that i was at school and i got a BFP image i left school years ago and never been back not even to poas :lol: :lol:
light line................ After 15 months AM I SEEING THINGS ??? I am not even sure where the line should be??? :lol: :lol:
well in used a cheep test and i am sure theres 2 lines so i am going out and getting a superdurg early test and will tell you all at 1pm how it went xx
cant take a pic as i am shaking and the lines 2 light image I will show u all the test at 1 xx
I am shaking and i slept in my bra (im so scared) :cry:

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