Need new TTC buddies .... CD5


Need new cycle buddies as it seems that everyone with cycles in sync with mine have had their BFPs, which is fab for them but it leaves me all on my lonesome :cry:.

Just a little background on me as I'm not a big poster here:

I'm 36, ttc#2 and this is my 9th cycle. I'm using the CBFM [4th cycle] so happy to swap notes on that, too. Have had initial blood tests as I'm classified as an oldie but have to have another lot this cycle because according to my 21 day bloods last month, I did not ovulate :\(. Hoping that they were just done too early because I had a 34 day cycle last month.


  • Hey Bubblicious

    There are two brilliant threads on here with ladies at all different times in their cycles and they are really lovely ... if you want to join them they are

    The insane gang: next chapter and CD18/4dpo both in red ..... all the ladies on here are lovely and as I said its a mixture so you will always have some cycle buddies!

    Jen xx
  • Hi there

    You are more than welcome on the insane thread (the one Jennifuree mentioned). I too am 36 on cycle 6 and used a CBFM for the first time this month. We are a lovely bunch and have cycles here and there so no one is left out.

    Look forward to speaking to you again xxxx
  • I'm on CD7 today so we should be on the same day now! This is our 7th month ttc number 2 but I'm just using ovulation tests and tracking my cm. I hope your tests go well this month and more so that you get your BFP x
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