Whats your favourite sexual position?? :lol:

Just for a bit of fun and not too much information but seen as how we are all trying to conceive together :lol:

Whats your fabourite sexual position??

Mine is DOGGY image

SD x

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  • Doggy all the way :lol: xx
  • now you are getting nauhty sd.lol.

    me too all the way.lol
  • Got to be doggy!
  • Send me to the naughty room he he image

    Ooh loving the doggy fanatics :lol:

  • We're all animals :lol:
  • I can't believe I am going to post this but my fingers are a bit loose tonight :lol:

    Sometimes when we cuddle up on the sofa OH will hump my leg and give me a little woof :lol: It has me in fits of giggles everytime and he reminds me of a randy little Jack Russell :lol:

    He would kill me if he ever saw this :lol: :lol:
  • OMG BB that it so funny lol I think my oh just loves to take me from behind ha ha as that seems to be his fave position too.

    But isnt it funny that when your trying they say missionary is the best position but at least that means hubby gets to do all the work for a change!!!

  • BroodyBeth, i'm in stitches!! :lol:

    I lke to be on top, not a good baby making position though, so finish off in the doggy!! image Obivously not the same everytime, you've got to change it about a bit ;\)
  • sd i read that doggy is good if you would like to have a boy,lol.xxx
  • :lol: I think doggy is meant to be good too but then I would have to stay with my bum in the air for ages :lol: It's so much easier to shove a cushion under my hips and go to sleep :\)

    Just to change it slightly, I'm the 'man' after sex. OH will try to cuddle and I'm like gerroff me I want to go to sleep :lol:
  • How weird that u all said Doggy!!

    I really aint fussed on doggy at all.... on top is prob my fave but I don't last v long that way *blushes* image
  • lol bb me too, i really cant cuccle and sleep at the same time.lol
  • I like my space in bed so I generally curl up in a ball and go to sleep hubby goes mad because I cant sleep in a straight line!!!

    To be honest doggy is my fave but I like them all LOL.

    Oh that will be why it is hubbys fave position then I would like a lil girl is there a recommended position for that??

    Altho we wont care either way as long as our bean is healthy xx
  • mmm cuccle, i meant cuddle.lol. it really is time for bed.xx
  • PMSL girls! I don't have a favourite, it depends on what mood I'm in!
  • I'm with cass depends on mood and how tired I am - sometimes I'm lazy and make him go on top LOL. we did have a hol last year tho where the bed was the most perfect height for doggy. and you know how the sun on hols makes you horny...
  • gemgems I agree, holiday sun is like some kind of aphrodisiac (sp?) image I love it :lol:
  • LOL I looooove this thread, it's so funny

    my fav is definitely me on top. because I walk so much my legs are strong enough to stay there for a long time...DH enjoys that a lot hehe
  • im with u all on the doggy pos!! i love it! although i do like to be in control on top too! hehe


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