A sneaky little valentines BFP?! UPDATED :D

Hi girls!

Am a little in shock and feeling a little nauseous!

I had a little spotting fri and yesterday so thought Af was going to arrive today so figured I was out of the running this month.

We've just been out for lunch and while we were out it hit me that there was no AF, not a spot, I actually googled implantation on my phone while DH was in the loo, and found it could have been really late implantation.

We got home and I've just done a FR test and there's 2 lines, the test line is faint, but it is pale pink and definitely there however you look at it!!

I don't know what to do!! I don't think I was prepared for this actually happening so soon (2nd month ttc)! What should I do?? I've got another FR test, should I do that in the morning?? wait a few days?? I'll get a CBD tmrw, should I wait a week to do it??

Help! I'm in a panic!!! I thought AF was coming, I had a cup of tea this morn and a Kir Royale for lunch!!

If I am pregnant, according to my monthly cycles, I would be due 19th Oct which is the date we got together way back in 2003! It could be meant to be!!

Please give advise, it will greatly help to calm me down!!

Thanks in advance! xxx

UPDATED Mon 15th @ 5pm

Well I've just got in from work and have bought some CBD but couldn't wait til tmrw to do so went for it straight away and..... BFP!!! 1-2 weeks pregnant!!!!

Hurrah!! We are beyond delighted and cannot believe it!!

I would just like to say a huge thanks to all of you wonderful ladies, you've given me so much advice and support, from Agnus Castus to OPKs and particularly SMEP, that I really don't think this BFP would have happened so quickly without your vast knowledge!! Throwing buckets of babydust your way!! ;\)

Amber xxx

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  • sounds like a BFP to me hun!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I would say do your other FR in the morning and then your CBD maybe the day after to give the hcg time to build up a little, congrats again, what a lovely valentine present!! xx
  • I think CONGRATS......

    Fab Val day prezzy...
    gems xx
  • Thanks Huni! Yes will do FR in the morning so it helps to set my mind at ease, god I'll be a mess at work tmrw!

    I just can't believe it atm!!

    Thanks for answering, hope you're having a good V day!! xxx
  • Thank you Gembags!! xxx
  • hi hun sounds good. i would do you fr in the morning with fmu. i did my fr at 11dpo and got a afint line and then i did my cbd one day after af was due and got preg 2-3weeks. keeping everything crossed for you.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Wow! Good luck Amber! Keeping everything crossed for you!
  • congratulations.

    x x x
  • Wow! Congratulations! Do the FR in the morning just to put your mind at rest but that sounds like a BFP to me! image

  • Congrats Amber like you predicted thats exactly what i had imagexx
  • Ahhhhh thank you ladies!! Am feeling really good about this now, this really could be my BFP!

    I've just been googling and nosebleeds are a symptom, I've never had a nose bleed in my life but I've got a bit of a cold so this morn I blew my nose and there was blood, just thought was a bit weird at the time but now.... wow!!!

    Ah so excited!! Will update in the morn when I test again!!

    Congratulations Mrs B1985!! xx
  • congratulations thats brill news x
  • Wow, sounds like another Valentines BFP, congratulations hun x

    L x
  • eeek! Congratulations hun (same EDD too!)

    hope you get your definate line tomorrow image xx
  • *whispers* Congratulations

    I really hope you get a stronger BFP in the morning...look forward to seeing your post image xx
  • hey hun have you tested yet?
  • I think that sounds really promising Amber. Fingers crossed for a bfp this am and sticky babydust to you. Filo x
  • Well I tested again and theres a line but it's fainter than yesterday. What does that mean??

    I'm so scared its going away. I know a line is a line, but does this mean I am less preganat than yesterday and it'll be gone later in the week???

    I had no sleep last night, part excitement and part scared for the test today.

    Am at work and just feel so tired and sad, I can't wait to get home and get back in bed! gonna go get some more tests and a CBD on lunch.

    Don't know if I can face testing again tmrw, maybe I could wait for a few days to see if AF turns up??

    It's not over til AF, right???

    : (
  • Try not to worry about a fainter line, it could just be down to the test. With my 1st I had a few very faint lines for days and it worried me cause I figured after a day or two it would get darker, but pregnancy went very well. Try to wait a couple days and test again.
  • Thanks for your reply, will try not to worry, what will be will be xx
  • keeping everything crossed honey-hopefully it was just diluted more.

    x x x
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