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hahah- silly rant!!!

i am getting reallllllllly annoyed with the all adverts for the film "Knocked Up" cos it has just been released on DVD.

It is an awesome film but the plot of getting pg after ONE shag, ooooooooh it's making my blood boil!!!!




  • I think this is a well deserved rant. I am just getting my online fix of celeb gossip - how are celebs so fertile yet we arent??? Also i need to have a little rant about hollyoaks - they just look at each other and they get pg (i know its not real!!!!)
  • argh no, i am a hollyoaks obsessive!!! how to hoof did amy get pg?? and louise, and mercedes and everyone after one bloody shag!!!! not impressed!! and the corrie, violet and sean used a friggin baster and got it 1st time (if my memory serves me right??) and wasn't sarah lou only 12?????

    oh dear. i am so bitter!! hahah
  • Hollyoaks is clearly in some sort of fertile bubble .How lucky that when tony had the baster at the ready in that tina was ovulating !! No doubt she is now pg. Myra drives me the most mad she has seven kids (first at 14) and im sure shes not even 40! Also they are by 4/5 fathers. Grrrrrrrrr i know its not real but it drives me mad seeing all the bumps and babies.
  • totally!!! and i loved how tina was ovulating the day after she said she would help!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. you watch john paul will get pg via texts from craig!! hahahah
  • I'm soooo with you guys on this rant, hollyoaks esp, I always stood up for this soap, being that is touches on so many real life issues. Getting duffed after 1 sh*g should NOT be one of them!!!! Do we know if Tina is pg yet? She's bound to be though. They must be the most fertile family out. Did you see the mum in the van, it's so funny lol.

    Also, to add to your rant, why does it have to say how many days till your baby's birth date on this forum, when at the moment ours is obviously 0.

  • I totally agree sasha its so depressing to see 0 days to your babys birth everyday. I cant wait to use the countdown but cant we turn it off when ttc.
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