hi sorry another question...can you tell i am DETERMINED to stay positive lol.

when checking your BB temp, what is the best way to go about this, like where on your body, and what temp am i looking out for...ive heard its like point something of a difference??

any help from those who d it would be fab thanks...like if you could give me full instructions that would be ideal as im clueless!!!! thanks xx


  • I used to take my temps & if I get a BFN this month I will go back to it!
    I use a tesco my first baby thermometer which goes under your tongue when you 1st wake up in the morning. It take about 30 seconds.

    My temps are normally about 36.4/36.5 before OV & 36.7/36.8 after OV.

    Hope this helps xx
  • HI,

    I got my thermometer from amazon, really cheap.

    It only takes temps in farenheit though. i take it orally, but you can do it vaginally too, which is better if you get irregular temps from things like sleeping with your mouth open.

    Mine have been 97.something pre ov and over 98 post ov. But everybody's temp is different.

    Good luck with it, i got quite confused by it last month (first month doing it), but this month has been better. Or it will be if FF ever shows me OV...


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