She got me ;0(

Well... Bright pink tonight will no doubt become bright red come morning ;0( ... Glad I resisted testing early now!

On to month 3 for me....



  • Three months is still very early... Are you using CBFM or OPK's?
    Good luck
  • LOL... I know it's early... But can't be soon enough at 37. ;0)

    I'm using OPK's hun...

    Onwards and upwards!!

  • Hiya, sorry the witch got you hun, sending lots of babydust your way for next month xxxxx
  • Shirls sorry af came along..

    I think it will also happen to me (any min now)
    I know what you are saying because I am 36, and been trying few months, which is only early but given circumctances I wish it would happen now..

    Best of luck for the next month!
  • Thanks for your support guys, means a lot!

    Absolutely nothing there this morning (tmi)... But I'm sure it's only a matter of time!

    Good luck to us all next month!

  • I'm using opks too and they seem to be working right, I used to have a CBFM but although it was so accurate I found it was a hassel.... I'm 24 abd still worry it won't happen for me!
  • Aww sorry to here that huni .Month 3 for me too image x
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