Officially ttc!

I'm SO excited! New to the site, but had to come on now I have something to contribute! I took my last pill 2 days ago so just waiting for withdrawal bleed and then we are officially ttc. Oh my god! We get married next Saturday aswell - wouldn't it be perfect to have a honeymoon baby - although we're not expecting it as we know it can take a while!

Has anyone got any does or don't as I'm totally new for us, as we are ttc baby no1!



  • Thanks! Both h2b and me are really looking forward to it, but I'm pretty scared too! I'm an embryologist so unfortunately know that problems are quite common, but trying to not think about it too much!
  • Hi Shell, hope you have a fab wedding day, would love to have mine again. good luck ttc x
  • Hi and welcome to the site ,hope you have a lovely wedding day and you never no fingers crossed for a honeymoon baby!yay! good luck.
    Luv clare
  • Welcome to the crazy world of ttc! Only tip I've got is to have fun, we can often get consumed by ttc that we forget to have fun along the way!
    Good luck with the wedding and babydust to all xx
  • welcome to the site, and good luck with the wedding and hope it doesnt take you too long to get your bfp xxx
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