For all the symptom spotters - let's share!

As most of you are aware I'm on either 4dpo or 8dpo. My symptoms so far are:

* light brown watery cm
* pink when wipe (intermittently)
* soreish (.)(.)
* feeling a little bit icky now and again

could be something could be nothing! Xx


  • HI
    I'M 4dpo and I have these:

    Feeling sicky
    WATery cm
    SOre nipples lol

    Prob nothing lol x
    NOt sure when 2 test x
  • I'm 4 dpo also, and have no symptoms! image

    I am, however, feeling very positive this month and convinced we've done it. I'm due to test 5th June and determined not to test early this month!xx

    Happy Symptom Spotting!!xx
  • Though shalt not symptom spot. I promised I wouldn't this month, even though I've got browny/dark red cm (poss one week after ov but not really sure) and tummy cramps!
  • LOL @ Loobylou! "thou shalt not symptom spot"!!
    Thanks for posting ladies - lets hope we get our BFP's this month. I too am due af on the 5 June - just know i'm going to test early though!! xx
  • ohhh, a 'testing buddy'

    Are you testing af due date or after?xx
  • I will most likely test before but only on cheapy eBay ones - will use a proper test when AF is due, unless she turns up of course! When are you testing? xx
  • I'm due 2 test on the 5th 2! LOL
  • Im going to wait until af is due, so 5th June is testing day, eeekkkk - it's not actually that far away!xx
  • LOL, thats 3 of us then and they say 3's a charm!
    The 5th is a week sat!! Not far away but seems ages away to me! xx
  • Well I'm 8dpo and the only symptoms I have is a period type pain quite low down below which can be quite sharp at times. I'm also having quite abit of discharge (sorry tmi). I had both of these symptoms during my short pregnancy last month so I'm feeling quietly confident although I'm trying not to build my hopes up!

    However... I'm due to test 1st June, but when I went through my mc, doctors told me so many times that since hpt's got so accurate, so early on they have more and more ladies reporting mc's and they're obviously so upset as they've known for weeks that their pg. So I'm going to try not to test at all.

    I mc'd at 6 weeks last time, so its only 2 weeks after af would have been due, but I'm hoping it will minimise the worry and emotional side effects if I end up mc'ing again! I might not be able to do it but that's my aim anyhow!

    Good luck ladies
  • hey fellow ss crazies!!! ;\)

    I'm 10dpo and have:
    tender "sisters"
    period-like cramps
    occasional bleeding gums
    slight nausea (started today)

    I'm doing my first test on Sunday and then Tuesday if AF doesn't show up.... This month I haven't been that ss crazy, just taking it in but have a pma....

    If I get a negative, I'll be disappointed but there's always next month... Having said that....


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  • Hi,
    well i promised myself i wouldn't do this, but here goes:

    -very small amount browny-pink cf last night (i'm 4 or 5 dpo)
    -feel crampy - like af is on her way but not due until the 8th June
    -feel sick, but think this is down to not sleeping last night

    I'm tying myself in knots becasue the sensible side of my brain is saying that i'm making myself feel these things, can't force cf though surely?

    Fingers crossed for a whole lot of bfp's! image

  • Hello Lady2188 - sorry to hear about your mc, you seem to be levelheaded about ttc again which is great.
    Thank you for sharing your signs frillypink and mummy-wannabe!
    I have got more browny (almost orangey) watery discharge this morning, slight bit of pink on the tp.
    BABYDUST *~*~*~*~* xx
  • hi everyone! i am currently 6 or 7 dpo and af due on thursday or friday. i am going to test thursday morning, IF temps havent dropped. symptoms currently are: lots of CM and a few sharp pains in low abdomen. also some very short sharp headaches.
    oh...and VERY tired! haha, the list is endless when you start thinking about it!
    fingers crossed for everyone image
  • Hi my af is due sunday and my symptoms are
    light brown cm it was pink yesterday?
    sore (.)(.)
    and tummy pains
    o and i need to pee every bloody 5 mins!!lol
    Not sure whats going on but i dont normally get sore (.)(.) so fingers crossed we are lucky and done it in the 1st month! I am really dying to get a test and do it early its driving me mad but ive not given in so far!lol
    luv clare

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  • Hello lovely ladies,

    Can I join you symptom spotters? I am due on 1st June and am now CD24. Completely convinced myself that we haven't done it this month as we didn't BD as much over poss ov as hoped. we did CD 10, 15, 17 and 18 so not sure if we hit the jackpot so to speak.

    Have been having light spotting from about CD 19 mostly first thing in the morning. Does anyone know if this is a good sign or bad?

    Baby dust to us all
  • Could be implantation hun because it's a little early for af spotting!

    Good luck
  • I have not read all the other replies but just wanted to say the only symptom I got with last pregnancy was I was always starving. Good luck everyone xxx
  • Hi ladies!! my AF is due on 2nd june my symptoms are-

    sore (.)(.) which seem to grown the last week!!
    very tired!!
    peeing more and it smells strong every time like fmu ??
    this is our third month ttc since mc in march so fingers crossed!!! good luck image xx
  • Big welcome to Munk07, mummy2.5, wispa, babylove and caz3006.
    Thank you for posting your symptoms. All sound positive!
    Wispa I've had light spotting too - light watery brown discharge and some pink on tp - none this afternoon though! Hopefully its implantation xx
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