some advice please on symptoms etc

hey guy's..

kinda confused,, used to have the implant in arm adn had it out on thrursday and i'm like 99% sure i OV straight after (this is possible) and we bd 2 days before and the evening i had it out, now that was last thursday, would it be crazy to think that all this weeing, little cramps, twinges, and a tiny spotting bleed (very pinky) on the sunday evening was implantation bleed, that these are symptoms of pg???

i aint had a period in agggggeeessss and i'm thiking of testing tomorrow, cos i feel different

please advise!! thanks xx


  • Good luck with testing issy22.
  • not sure when i'm due lol, had implanon in and never bled.. so im going into all this blind lol x
  • Hi

    I am not sure if you are PG but I ma having similar symptoms. Came off pill 2 1/2wks ago, AF finished last Tuesday and have cramps, bleeding, regular toilet trips and slight nausea for the past 2 days! I have been advised it is either ovulation or implantation!

    Fingers crossed for you :\)
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