Hellooo im new :D . . . advise please

hey everyone been lurkin about this site now for quite a while and its great u r all so supportive! My fiance and i have jst started ttc and i am now 1 day late for af. tried those cheapy ebay tests yday and day before both bfns . . . does anyone kno if these tests r any good or accurate? x


  • Hi,

    Not sure about the tests hun but wanted t say welcome to BE.

    Good luck TTC, hope you get to see your BFP soon :\) x
  • I have never used them myself but have never heard many good things about them. I always recommend superdrug tests cuz i got my bfp on one 5 days before af due.
    Good luck, hope this is your bfp
    Carly xx
  • ive also heard superdrug ones r gd but im too scared to take it in case its bfn if u kno wat i mean lol. it was only our first month ttc plus i was sure i was a day or two past ov. my cycles vary in days also but the av is 28. Although i also kno that conceiving first time is rare x
  • Hi beee, welcome to BE. I personally wouldn't use the ebay cheapies....Boots had two twin packs (4 in total) of PG tests for ??8 a couple of weeks ago and I've used them.
    Good luck, xx
  • Can't advise you on the tests but just wanted to wish you luck xx
  • Thanx very much everybody baby dust to all! *sprinkles!* x x
  • hmmmm i think u may hav persuaded me to take a superdrug test 2moz tink a bell! x x
  • welcome to BE i'm on the fence with ebay tests, but i dont think i'll be buying anymore after reading the bad feedback for my seller! BFN but CBD saying 5+!, 3mth pg getting BFN & 8 weeks pg getting BFN, dont think they can be trusted although i got BFP 7/8dpo last year with my ectopic.

    Tink image have you thought about therapy??!:lol: ;\)

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