Help .... Withdrawl bleeding will I ovulate????


I've been taking the pill for aboutt 4 years and just stopped taking the pills four days ago and started withdrawl bleeding. My husband and I were counting on my ovaulation cyle to commence in five days from today and now am wondering if we can try? Does the withdrawl bleeding effect my ovulation?

Can anyone help me?


  • Hiya. The first day of proper bleeding is your first cycle day, so you could work out approximately 14 days after that you may ovulate. Two things to think about though- the first being that you may not ovulate as you're just off the pill and secondly, not everyone ovulated on day 14. Sometimes it can be earlier and sometimes later.
    However, some women are more fertile just after they've stopped taking the pill so if you BD every other day then you may be in with a chance!
  • Hi there.
    I came off the pill in september ready to try in the new year...I was cursing being on the pill in the first place as 3 months went by with no AF... I really wanted to start trying.
    My AF never came and I'm now 24+3!
    It happened to 3 other girls in my due in forum too so theres every chance...just go for it!
    Ally & beanie 24+3 xxx

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  • Medical advice says you should wait until you've had your first 'natural' period after the pill before ttc and then you know more when you stand. Its a personal decision and you can only do what is best for you. Good luck ttc. xx
  • I came off the pill and started trying straight away, using ov tests I know I ovulated 14/15 days after the withdrawal bleed and that was the month I fell pregnant. I sadly miscarried but just wanted to let you know that it is possible xx
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