Very faint line on my Opk this morning silly question but wat now iv been BDing every day nearly wens it best to BD now im ovulating?? xxx image


  • i would say now! lol BD BD BD! xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi bella image,

    I always got OPK's and hpts mixed up thinking that a line meant a line.
    On OPK's the Test line has to be either darker or the same shade as the control line
    , Once you get that, then you will ovulate 12-48 hours after.
    I read somewhere that our body always has a small amount of LH so most of the time OPK's will always give you a faint line, its when its darker or the same shade as the C line that you get the LH surge showing your about to release an egg.

    Hope that helps. Have you got a pic of your OPK result?

  • hi dont know how to post pics or i would, think is this morning im bleeding quite a bit why??? Im not due my AF for another two wks x
  • Hi bella,

    Is it spotting or full on bleeding? any cramps/pains?

  • its like a period dont understand not due AF for atleast 2 wks and had a positive on my OPK on fri no cramps or pains really i usually have AF symptoms but none complete shock wen i went to the toilet x

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