AF arrived with avengence..on to month 24!!!!!

monday blues image!!!

well was hoping we did it this month as on 2nd month of clomid and know i ov which for me is a good thing... got really bad af cramps this morning and got a really big meeting to go to at 10am and am not in the mood:cry:.

got one more month on clomid then back to the gynea clinic but seeing as am going in to month 24 now this ttc lark is really starting to get me down not too sure if can cope with it anymore:cry:.....

has anyone looked into adoption????


  • Hi nat - my least favourite relative arrived this morning too - one day early and want to curl up with a hot water bottle all day. Only month three for me so can't really imagine how you are feeling. I have looked into adoption because may have some difficulties conceiving. Am going to give it until end of year, perhaps try one cycle of IVF then will stop trying and seriously look into adoption. In my area you can only adopt under threes if you and your partner are under 39 and you can't be on a waiting list for IVF. I'm only 33 at the minute but I suppose I don't want to leave it too close to the wire.

    Looking at alternatives has made me feel better as I feel I am doing something constructive so maybe that would help you too. Big hugs and good luck for next month. xx
  • Sorry she has found you. Hope you have better luck next month!xxx
  • Hiya

    Sorry to hear your AF arrived - she's one mean old mutha!

    Not sure it'll help, but I had a boss that went through the adoption process. Without wishing to freak you out, it took them a long time - I think about 3yrs in total before they were allowed to officially call the girls theirs.

    When I joined the company, they were already quite deep in the process. They were at the point where they had been accepted as adoptive parents and were just waiting to be matched with a child. They got sent lots of details of potential matches including a full run down on their family history etc. I'm not sure if its the same in every area (this is Surrey and it was a catholic adoption place), but there was a strong wish for children to be placed with families with similar heritage - i.e. afro-caribbean children with afro-caribbean parents etc. similar religious beliefs matched etc.

    When my boss was finally matched with children, lots of things happened, meetings, interviews, meetings with my bosses family members, house inspections etc. etc. I left before things really took off, but I know the children (she adopted a sibling group of 3 which I am told is why is took a lot longer) have been with them for nearly a year and they couldn't be happier.

    These three gorgeous girls have gone from a sad, lonely life of drink, drugs and neglect and they are now loved to pieces by my ex boss and her hubby. I think you are amazing to want to do such a wonderful thing and wish you lots of luck!


  • so sorry af found you nat, hope you have better luck with clomid this month, good luck x
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