Very short af

just a quick question, im really scared of dr's (completely irrational and a prob for when i get my bfp) but my af showed up sat afternoon and appears to have ended last night- im usually a 7 day girl!! do you think i need to go to the dr?:\?
I came off the pill in Aug and have had cycles of between 27-33 days ever since so no real issues there.
I will wait to see if it comes back but me being a panicky pants and off on half term with only ttc and pancakes to think about needed to ask you girls.

Thanks xxx


  • It could be implantation?? You could have messed up your dates when you ov'd??

    This is what I did, thought AF due on sunday so the spotting was early AF and now I know that I Ov'd later than I thought, and it was implant bleeding.

    Was it full flow AF?? or just a little bit??

    Try not to worry, it might come back later or tmrw or it might be your BFP!!

    Am glad to know I'm not the only one scared of the docs!! xxx
  • Thanx 4 the reply Amber, I def ov'd then tho cos I used an opk. I will just wait + see wot happens over the nxt few days. I thought it was full flow but only 4 1 day then v light sun and yesterday. Who knows wots happening eh. I'm cd4 so if it wasn't af I would b 18dpo so may test in a few days, got a bfn 13dpo tho x
  • Hay hun, my af came for 2 days then went and i thought i was in with a chance :roll: then 2 days later AF came again and stayed properly.
    I was also chating to my SIL and she said her AF went after 4 days i said watch out she may play tricks on you and that night AF came back to her and finished off the last 3 days image

    hoping your going to get a late BFP xxxx
    gems x
  • Ooh what a witch the witch is Gembags. I don't think Im gonna get a late bfp (altho wish i do) tho, think its just because i thought my cycles were settling down and its just to annoy me.
    Oh well, at least if it stays away me and dh can get some just for fun bd-ing in before he goes away. Ooh i wonder if my ov will be late/early too and that way we may still be in with a chance this month!
    Gembags I think your pma is rubbing off on me from your other thread xxx
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