Oh welll...

Not been trying to conceive for long , came off the pill in june. Didnt really expect it to happen straight away but cant believe how gutted I was when AF arrived again on sunday. First she confused me by lookin like she was gonna come on fri/sat and then she stopped so sent other half out to get a preg test on sunday morning, but he no sooner got back with it and AF decided to make an appearnce good and proper.
Didnt think i would be as bothered coming on this month as I know its early days but it has. Never mind suppose theres next month to try. Suppose Its a good sign that ive had 2 regular period since stopping the pill, both between 28-29 days, so thats good right? a sign that my bodys getting back to normal?



  • its gutting isnt it even when you say to yourself it not likely to happen this month, you've had 2 good cycles, mine have been 30 days since coming off the pill this time

    good luck x
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