have my first response ready for the morning

Today i'm on cd35, my last cycle was 50+days but it was the first cycle since my mc in feb and during that cycle i also had a chemical pregnancy/early mc. Before my mc my cycle was 28/29 days. For the last week or so i've been feeling very sick, had sore boobs and very tiered but all the cheapy tests have said bfn, so i bought a fr to use in the morning. I know i'm probably not pregnant, but when i got my bfp in january i was a week and a half late, so tomorrow i'll be nearly a week late, if it's a bfn do you think it's worth making a dr appointment or should i just hang on a bit longer???
I really don't know what's going on :?


  • Hi- really hope it is a bfp for you and a sticky bean this time.
    If BFN then I guess I would wait a bit longer as it can take a while for cycles to settle and it's unlikely the Dr would do anything so not really worth wasting your time going in.
    Fingers crossed xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hey hun im due to test tomor, also done the cheap ones and bfn so got a first response for 2mor, id make the appointment hun what harm can it do x good luck for 2mor x
  • Hey there, I also had a mc in Feb, but after I had it I took the contraception injection coz I didn't want to think about gettin pregnant straight away I wanted to give my body a break. Before I became pregnant I would have cycles that where 50+ days I was fed up with testing but I would always leave it until 35 days because I would be further on. Its really hard when you dont know where you are, have you thought about Ovulation Testing, that way you know when your ovulating so thats giving you a little help along the way.

    I would maybe contact your doctor, although it could just be that your body is taking longer to get back to normal.

    Good Luck tomorrow morning, hope is a BFP fingers crossed

  • gd luck hunny!!!! U know how i feel about the cheapys.....they didnt give me even a tinge of a line til the day after af due, first response all the way i say!!!! Il be on here first thing to see your happy news!!! kim xxxxxxxx
  • thanks kim, i'm lacking pma today so it's nice that that you have lots for me, i'm trying not to get my hope up to much. Last week i was so sure it would be a bfp but then when it was a bfn i spent ages crying, i think if it's a bfn the i'll make an appointment to see gp because i'm working i won't be able to see them till after the bank holiday anyway, and if neither af or bfp by then i'll be on over cd50 again,
  • Fingers crossed for you hun. xxx
  • Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • good luck hun, keeping everything crossed for you xx
  • Good luck Girl In Leeds & hayley_dunn!! Sending you both lots of early morning baby dust!! xxx
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