Just booked a dr's appt - *UPDATE!*

Hi all,
As many know me and hubs have been trying since sept 09 - okay maybe not as long as other but we are both healthy, active and under 30, so getting frustrated about why we havnt had our bfp.

Hubby has previous problems with his 'balls' due to a motorbike accident a few years ago and I have had probs with random bleeds and irregular periods so hoping that the dr will refer us or at least give us some reassurance.

My mum is a nurse and i only recently told her that we had been ttc and she recommended seeing a gp but telling them we have been trying for over a year as then they should definately refer us. Because although they 'should' refer us with previous history it is up to the drs discretion and then we could have to wait another 4 months.

Has anyone else seen the drs yet? How was your experience?

Thanks H x

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  • Hi mrsallen,

    Sorry i dont hold any advice as this only our 2nd month of ttc#2 however i didnt want to r&r,so hopefully this will bump it back up so someone else can see it who maybe can help you.

    Good luck with Drs hope you get your BFP soon

  • I agree with your mum tbh. me and dh have been trying since Sept and are going to get an appt if no luck by July, i would have bent the truth too but i had to stop taking medication for my skin in order to ttc so he knows- bugger. Def think you're doing the right thing x
  • Hiya guys thanks for the replies.

    I agree with you littlewolf and it doesnt sit comfortably with me to lie. But there have been a few 'not so sympathetic' gp appts on here which is why I'm thinking about saying a year TTC.
    On NHS direct it says we should get referred anyway from previous problems.

    Im really nervous about the whole thing tbh but im sure it will be okay once the first appt is over.
  • Hey mrs allen, don't have any advice, but didn't want to r&r, really hope u get ur bfp really soon, and don't have to go down thw doctors route, keep up ur pma x x x
  • Hello Hun - stalker checking in image image

    I am no help really as i am one of those with unhelpful GP - I told her we had been ttc almost 2yrs and she said stop trying..... We stoped trying as you know and bfp it was...

    I think with OH's and your problems DR would be a very good idea... Don't feel bad if your DR is unhelpful just get a new DR :lol: Really Hope you dont need any DR appt's and your BFP is on its way for you xx
    gembags xx - always stalking you image image image
  • Hi hun

    I know how you feel I have been off the pill nearly 11 months and have been going back and forward to the docs since Dec reason being I have had faint lines and then AF late so had 2 chem pregnancies, really painful pains in my stomach about a week after bleeding ends, irregular and weird periods so when I last visited the doc she said she would start investigations. The investigations take 3 months and then if they find anything they start you on treatment.

    Its solely up to the Dr's discretion and I have just been for a scan the appt came through that fast the Dr didnt even tell me I was getting one so I first panicked thinking why am i being referred so fast but it was just getting the ball in motion so to speak.

    Am sure your Dr will start investigations too so just ask and be firm if they say no just tell them you cant bear it anymore thats what I said.

    I know we havent been trying a year but have got a bit of an addictive personality and once I get something into my head its hard to get out and I just was obsessing and making myself ill, dreaming that when I tested it was positive. I know we all do it so you deserve to be heard and investigated.

    First Dr will want to check your bloods when your on AF day 1-5 for hormones etc and then your CD21 bloods they will do this over 3 months (mine are) and I think a scan of your womb/ovaries goes with the investigations. I have been used like a pin cushion last week and this but at least things are moving forward.

    Hubby has to have a SA he wasnt so keen at first but then I said to him whats the point in me being checked out if you dont get checked out so think he is worrying a bit now about firing blanks!! Men and their pride eh.

    Oh well have rambled on a bit but in short - go to Dr's, do and say what you have to to get investigations and you will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

    Good luck

  • Hiya gems (my favourite stalker!)
    Always nice to hear from you and i do a bit of lurking in DID as you well know. Thanks for the advice.

    SD - I think its your drs story that has worried me! lol Rememer ages ago when you were unsure about faint bfp but then mini bleeds etc and they just weren't listening to you? Thats what im afraid of! Also cos im only 24 i think theyll just see me as young and silly and have 'loads of time left for that!
    Im very determined as well when I set my mind (and heart) on something.So this is why it is so frustrating not feeling in control of my own body!

    Thank you so much for letting me know what to expect! I'll keep in touch, appt tues! aaaahhh!
  • Hiya
    Hope you all had a good weekend.
    Been to the drs tonight and we decided to tell the truth and told the dr we had been trying for 9 months blah blah blah.
    The dr was really good and asked hubby to make an appt so they could refer him for sperm count. Also having my bloods done on CD21 (this fri luckily). They are testing everything from hormones to liver and kidneys.
    Im soo glad we were taken seriously and the dr wasn't patronising either. Just glad we have got the ball rolling now!

    P.S hubby is seeing a dr cox next week for his tests (tehe! thought it was amusing!)
  • Hi Mrs Allen. I am in almost the same boat. Questions over hubby due to prior operations and I am irregular and generally all over the place with my cycle. I went to the docs this morning and was also suprised to have a great doctor who was very understanding. I thought she would send me away but she has booked me in for blood tests, swabs , an internal examination (Tmi sorry) and also a pelvic scan. I was advised to send Hubby off to have a SA too. (he's on a stag do at minute in magaluf so I think ill wait till he gets home to break it to him). We started trying in september 09 too.

    On one hand I am pleased but at the same time i am scared, I guess you are the same.

    Hope everything goes well with the investigations xxx
  • G/C what kind of stalker would i be otherwise image

    Glad your DR was fab and loving the DR Cox image image image

    Really really happy there going to help you x
  • Hey all

    Mrsshep - The doctor was lovely and as soon as I left the room I have been so much more chilled cos I know, if there is a problem they will find it and then we will have babies. Its stopped feeling like 'oh its never gonna happen' - does that make sense? I know we are only on the early stages but its a step in the right direction at least.

    GEMS - My favourite stalker! u can GC anytime!

    Im having my bloods done today (CD21) They are testing for loads of things - I asked my mum what all the initials were. I think they'll be needing a few pints out! Hubby is at Dr (Cox) in the morning and then we will both be poked and prodded!

    H x
  • Good luck Mrs Allen - hope everything goes well for you x
  • hehe Dr Cox made me giggle! Glad you got taken seriously, hope everythings ok xxx
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