Tested again and still BFN

Well i tested again this morning, CD25 and still a BFN. Still feeling sick on and off and randon tummy cramps but still no +.

Why oh why do we put ourselves through this EVERY month.

I think i am doomed and not meant to get pregnant.

Where has my PMA gone??? Anyone got any to spare.
Last month i had a 26 dc but it was only my second af after my 6 month wait for one since coming off pill so no telling when it is gonna come this month. Hope it comes tonight if its coming so i know where i am at Eden Hall spa tomorrow.

Sorry for the rant.


  • Sorry you are getting down about it,sending you lots of PMA. Its not over until af arrives, perhaps you are testing too soon if your cycles are still getting adjusted. Hope you have a great time at the spa.PMA,PMA,PMA.X
  • Sending you lots of PMA. Still got a few days left so don't give up hope yet. Im on cd26 so in the same boat as you, and all I can do to keep hoping because as long as hope is still there, anything is possible.
    Enjoy the spa.
  • Thanks guys. I know it aint over till af arrives but just wishing it would have shown by now if i was pg. Oh well thanks for the PMA i will put it to good use.
  • Hi Slow

    Lots of PMA coming your way. Trying to keep mine up too as I'm on cd28 of what i hope is a 31 day cycle and having to keep my pma up amidst the 'am I - aren't I pg' thoughts!

    Maybe you should come hide in the cupboard if you aren't alresdy so that af doesn't find you?

  • Thanks smiles, i'm already there!
    Feeling a bit better today as had loads more (TMI coming up) sticky cm which i think is a good sign of early pregnancy but we'll see!! Probably af sign to but we'll see if she comes over night
  • Hey Slow.
    I only got a very faint positive 3 days after af was due then on the 4th it was much stronger so you may just be a little quick for your hormones.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  • Hi SLOW hope you are feeling a bit better. Fingers crossedfor you and its not over yet!!!!xxx
  • Sending lots of PMA - it ain't over yet girl

    Where's the positive lady gone whose many posts I have read in the past in readiness for joining the ttc forum

    REMEMBER until AF puts in an appearance, it can still happen

    Give me your cuoboard number and I will stand outside with a big stick until you get your BFP

    Mandy xx
  • Thanks Mandy, i'm in there under SLOW so you should find me, can you beat the witch up if she tries to get in please while you've got that stick in your hand. She's not arrived over night so thats a good thing. Just hope she doesn't pay a visit while i'm on the massage bed!!!
  • Stick in each hand ready to whack her round the head if she dares to come anywhere near!!

    Enjoy your massage

    M x
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