How often is enough?!

Bit of a personal question (my first topic as well!) but I was just wondering how often people are trying to conceive?!
I have have PCOS (mild though) and the only info my doc has given is that as well as eating healthily etc..we have to be trying 'enough' for one year before we will get any help if I haven't fallen pregnant by then.

I meant to ask doc how often was enough but forget so was wondering if anyone can tell me! I know most people would say as much as possible/whenever you can etc....but the realities of work mean that one of us is usually too tired to 'try as much as we can'!

Sorry for the ramble! Any thoughts would be appreciated!


  • Every other day in the middle of your cycle should be fine. So from days 10 through to 20, have sex every other night and don't get up for a while afterwards.
  • We had sex 3 times a week as usual, it worked on the 4th cycle.x
  • this month we bd every 2-3 days and when i got my + on the ovulation stick we bd every day for 4 days and its worked,got my bfp yesterday,this was our first month of really trying

    good luck
  • thanks for the responses and congratulations Sarah you must be soooo happy!!!
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