For attention of: DIy

Hi DIy, hi hun, how are you today?


  • Baby M,
    I am fine and tyring hard not to get 2 emotional thinking about the little soul inside me. I am just lazying around, and hub is going out of town from work, so will be left at home to eat and sleep.
    He has been fantastic and very positve as well so i have been xtra happy. He doesnt mind lifting his spirits up, says you have to think positve in all the things you do and the bby is the same.
    He says the baby(pics on the monitor after transfer) is just looking to rest for the next 9 months as its been waiting fo me the past 8 years so i should just get on with it.
    I am testing with you on the 12th, and will be using clearblue which will be DHL'd to me by my sister from the UK 2moro, so what time is it? TESTING TIME?
  • Im not sure about testing time hun - cant seem to think that far ahead at the mo. But definately we'll have to do it same time. ;0) We can both celebrate are BFP at the same time. ;o)
  • ok hun. My hub is making fun of us, says u are both going to be stuck with a big tummy for 9 months...why in a hurry as it is a long time 2 delivery. Told him to stay off.
    I am counting my days, anoda week starts 2day, so its next week Monday...look on the bright side... and cheer up, it will be worth it at the end of it all.
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