V. irregular cycles!

Hi all

Wanted to share my experience of agnus castus for anyone who has been/is experiencing very irregular or absent AF's!

I have only had 2 since coming off the pill 8 months ago and a while ago I reached day 60 with no sign of AF - thought it was never going 2 arrive! Also had really bad bloating, abdominal pain, cramps etc...Anyway, I saw a thread on here about agnus castus and thought I would give it a go - got a tincture from health food store and take 20 drops each am. Almost immediately, the cramps and pain lessened and bloating went down - 9 days later got AF!! Am sure it wasn't coincidence. At least now I can work out if and when I'm ov'ing otherwise would have no clue!!

Hope this helps if anyone was wondering whether it may help them.
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