Gotta wait till next cycle to start ttc :(

We are finally going to be able to get into our new house early next month :\) but that means lots of decorating so OH thinks it's a good idea to wait until my next cycle to start TTC because he's a major worrier and wants to be settled before we start ttc. I'm gutted because i'm on day 5 of this cycle but i suppose he's right.

I'm going to stick around though and keep a look out for all your March BFP's!


  • Grr, BE ate my post again. It does that a lot!

    I said that I'm in the same boat (not moving thankfully, not long done that!) but am out for this month (Feb) as was too ill to BD, and out next month as hubby is away when I ov. So we can be in limbo together!!

    Good luck with the house move honx xx
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