So Fed Up!

Since coming off the pill last September, my periods have been all over the place! They average at around 32 days (from 28 to 36 days).

I am now on CD38!! I did a test on CD36 which was negative and then had a very slight bleed yesterday but nothing at all since! I'm really confused!! Has anyone had a negative result, a slight bleed and then a BFP?!?! :\?


  • Me

    I got a negative on the Wed,bled on the Thus which only lasted for one day so I waited until the Sunday and then got a BFP.

    Sadly I had a M/C at 6 weeks but we are trying again and I am either now waiting for AF or BFP and it is driving me nuts waiting for either one lol

    Good Luck

    Gem x
  • Thanks Gem. Sorry to hear about M/C. Good luck trying again. Still nothing for me so will wait a few days if nothing and test again!! Just want one or the other to show!!!
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