a poll on cycle lenths after the pill - help please!!

Hi All

I'm trying to get a feel for what's 'normal' for cycle length after coming off the pill. Now I know there is no such thing as normal, but given the doctors say 'it can take up to a year' does that mean it will take a year, most people take a year, or in a small minority it takes a year?! See what I mean?

So, please please please can you help me figure it out by posting your cycle lengths after being off pill like so....

WB - 1st AF: 30days
cycle 1: 47 days
cycle 2: 33 days
cycle 3: 64 days
cycle 4: 61 days and still counting....

Thanks ladies!



  • Hey -
    to be honest mine went back to same as before pretty much after the pill.
    Were all 35 days with one that was 40 and this one is 28.
  • Hey hun
    Was on Dianete for 3 years, then was on Yasmin for 5 years (8 overall)
    Cycle 1: 28 days
    Cycle 2: 28 days
    Cycle 3: 32 days
    Cycle 4: 31 days (felt this was first proper AF after pill cos it hurt like hell!)

    My friend came of the pill and has had very erratic cycles xxx
  • I am probably not a good one to ask as my first one (just started yay!!) was 130 odd days!!! I was diagnosed with PCOS though so think this has a massive impact so dont worry about that - Have you tried Agnus Cactus, i think this actually helped me towards the end

  • I thought mine were alright but not so sure now:
    c1:21 days
    c2:28 days
    c3:20 days
    c4:37 days
    c5:33 days

    who knows what mine are doing lol!
  • gatecrashing from baby
    after 10 years on the pill mine were

    66 days
    57 days
    42 days
    37 days
    47 days
    40 days (BFP cycle)

    i started using the cbfm but starting later in my cycles as i always seemed to miss ov x

    good luck x
  • I was on Logynon for 10 years and when I came off I had my normal WB and then:

    42 days for first AF
    32 days later had bleeding for one evening (?!)
    98 days now (from the proper full length AF) and still no sign of AF!!!

    I did cheapy OPKs every day for the last three months and much to my surprise I ovulated 7 days a go so am on my first ever 2WW and hoping that in a week's time I either get a BFP (please, please, please!) or AF - if it's AF I really hope it's not another 100+ days til the next one!
  • mine were and still our really strange! Going through tests at the moment for PCOS even though before pill cycle were regular.
    Cycle 1 - 166 days
    Cycle 2 - 45 days
    Cycle 3 - 90 days and still waiting!

    I would advice to go to the doctor straight away if they are not getting back to normal, I wish I hadn't waited as long as now I've got to wait again for scans and appointments. xx
    Hopefully they'll get back to normal for you soon xx
  • Hi. i came off pill at the start of Nov and had normal WB then waited 55days for first AF(took Angus Castus day 53 and 54) I stopped taking them when AF came. I am now CD17 been using cheap OV sticks but not ovulated yet! Hope AF will come as normal or BFP. Does anyone think I should have carried on with Angus Castus until my cycle is regular?
  • Hiya, after 10 years on a variety of pills i came off in August 09, had my wb then cd's of 27, 30, 33, 26, 30. I am now cd7, starting smep tmw and can't wait x
  • Hi, I was on Dianette for about 7 years and on Yasmin for 3 years. I came off the pill before my wedding and had the following cycles:
    38 days
    43 days
    35 days
    37 days
    42 days
    I went back on the pill for 3 months just before I got married (my skin got really spotty off the pill) and since coming off the pill again my cycles have been:
    42 days
    47 days
    45 days
    66 days
    We have only been trying for a few months but based on my long cycles the first time and this time, I have been to the doctor and had blood tests. I found out the results yesterday and all is fine except progesterone so I need to go and talk with the doctor about that...I have no idea what it might mean though but I suspect Im having probs ovulating. Ive been taking agnus castus and evening primrose oil since the 66 day marathon.
    I have also started to use temp charts and opks so I will know for sure if/when I ovulate so would recommend doing that.
    I would also say that if you are worried, go to your doctor and tell them about your cycles- hopefully they will reassure you or offer blood tests just to make sure all is okay.

    S x
  • I was on microgynon30, fell pregnant after WB, sadly mc at 6weeks, next AF was 29 days later, that was 2 weeks ago.
    I did have a break off the pill last summer as well and my cycles went straight back to 29 days, could nearly time my AF to the hour of day! xx
  • Hi hun,

    I went into a 35 day cycle when I came off the pill and mine have been regular up until Dec when I was CD40 and think am back to 35 again this month or another 40.

    Sorry I can't be much help xx
  • Hi hun, was on pill for about 8 years and it stopped my periods (Cerazette). Had first AF 36 days after stopping it, then had a 34 day cycle, then a 29 day cycle and on CD18 today.
  • Hi Girls thanks for all your replies! Does seem like mine are on the long side, so gives me more desire to push with the doc for blood tests at least.

    Keep them coming!

  • Hello! So I bought some agnus castus yesterday and started taking it right away - anyone have an idea of how quickly it might get things moving?? xx
  • Hello! So I bought some agnus castus yesterday and started taking it right away - anyone have an idea of how quickly it might get things moving?? xx
  • Hi Fergy

    I came off pill end of sept and still waiting.... I'm not even counting the days it's too sad but I guess I'm well over a hundred!! Had blood tests and a scan which didn't throw up anything abnormal - which is good but surely there must be a reason!?!

    Hope you get on OK with agnus castus, can I ask how much you're taking? xx
  • I came off BCP at the start of last August and my first cycle was 150 days exactly and I'm still waiting for my next AF (who knows when she will show......??). Just been diagnosed with PCOS and put on Metformin so fingers crossed...!! xx
  • Hi Fergy,

    Ok I think I would win if there was a competition for irregular cycles:

    1. 37
    2. 119!!
    3. 13
    4. 32 and counting!....

    How random are those dates! I was on the pill, (diannette then yasmin) for about 15 years and came off it after my wedding last July. It is very annoying not knowing when you are ovulating or when is the best time to 'try'.

    However, I am 28, healthy, with a positive mental attitude and not worrying about it. I want children and would love love love to get pregnant soon, but if i don't then I have a nice life and a lovely husband and consider myself very lucky. I think when you're TTC it's best to focus on what you have got and then you'll be less stressed and it'll happen when the time is right, at least that's my plan! image x
  • Kyrajens - you're my kind of girl!! Love your positive attitude and try to be like that myself too....! Welcome to BE and hope we can get to know each other during our shared TTCing!!

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