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Hi guys

AF arrived this morning guess it back to day 1. Least i know either way know the not knowing was doing my head in.

Good luck Woomummy for this week and everyone else, hope you get your BFP cause you all deserve them.

xx ;\)


  • Ahh hun, u ok? Like u say least u know now, u know what u need to do, have a girly night out, get drunk, and have loadsa fun!! And then nx wk itl be time to start again, if i get a bfn this month im guna try to de-stress, i dont think it helps does it, i think we put to much pressure on ourselves xxxx
  • sorry to hear that jen there's prob not much i can say today to cheer you up i know its rubbish the day af arrives. good luck for next month i'm sure it'll happen for you soon xx
  • Ahh Jen I'm really sorry - I know how you feel. At least the waiting is over for both of us for this month and in a few days we can get started again! Xx
  • sorry to hear that hun.. thought it was gonna be your month.. better luck next month hun.. keep your spirits up..
    caz xx
  • Hi sorry af showed hope ur feeling ok.
    Im still in limbo. Amcd32/28-30 had a bfn yesterday but af still hasnt shown up. Have been getting cramps on and off since last friday so really dont think this will be my month.
    Take care
  • hi jen, sorry to hear af came, how late were you? am in same boat but not holding much hope. x
  • Hi everyone

    Thanks for all your nice messages actually feeling ok a wee bit gutted but just glad as i was in limbo.

    Thanks woomummy think il prob have a btl of wine at weekend and tried not to think about it too much.. I start off at the begining of each month fine its only when its a cpl of days before af is due that i feel the presure builds!!!

    Fiz - i was 4 days late??? so it just makes it difficult for this month cause last month i calculated to ov round about day 14 so just gona have to bd more this month.

    Good luck to everyone. xx
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