Calling all Swansea and SWales ttc people

Hello ladies, I'm still off work after mc so I thought I'd see who was around in my area. Just thought it might be nice to hace a little group and maybe meet face-to-face for a coffee once a month. OH are ok to talk to but mine seems to think all I talk about is babies and trying for a baby, so I thought it would be great to find some people to talk to in person, also he gets a bit funny if he can never get on the computer for work!!

Hope we are all ok and there's loads of babydust in this thread. image



  • I'm in Swansea if you fancy a coffee one weekend (has to be a weekend, sorry, as currently work full time - although may end up walking out sometime this week - Grrrr!)

    As with you, my oh is very up for the ttc part - but not interested in listening to me when I want to discuss it - men eh!
  • Hey poppygirl, where do you work, it doesn't sound very nice

  • Hiya Mrskeen

    I work for a solicitors office in the centre of town, and trust me, it's not nice. I think that they may be making my life awful in the hope that i'll quit, so then they won't have to make me redundant!. I reckon I'm gonna have a word with my boss tomorrow, cos they're taking the p*ss!

    The only good thing about working in town is that it's so convenient for shopping etc - but i can't sit in the office at lunch cos i get soooo bored and frustrated I have to get out and look around the shops = it's costing me a fortune!!

    How about you? do you work?
  • I work in town as well, drop me an email, on mon and wed I have lunch from 1230 til 1330, if you fancy a coffee. I'm new to swansea so a friend with something in common (ttc) would be great.

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