Not sure if this is the right forum but...

can you get pg easily after af?

I had my af on 15th -21st June and we are hoping for another happy accident after Henry and what with a 6 month old it's quite difficult to even bd once a week!! Anyway we bd a few days after that and now nearly a week later af has come back with bad pp. Anyone got any ideas on this ?



  • Hi Emily, I'm not sure I can help, but didn't want to r&r. What colour is your bleed? As you're aware a week after af finishes, it's unusual for you to have another one.

    What CD are you on, and how long are your cycles normally? Sorry to be so nosy, but might be able to help more, with a bit more info. xx
  • ah thanks, yes it is a bit strange but they're not really back to normal yet after Henry, had one in March and April then next one was June but I was hoping they'd settled down again.

    It's just like an af bleed, red,

    They normally last about 5-6 days.

    Thanks for trying to help!!

  • lol, not much help!

    If you think this is a proper af, then start counting your days. If you think it is a bit unusual, then maybe you should get it checked out? Especially if you don't stop bleeding when you expect to.

    Bodies are cruel, hopefully it will all settle down for you soon! xx
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