Could it just be my body getting used to being off the pill?

Ok so my 1st cycle off the pill was 40 days. Im on CD18 now but im sure i ovulated on day 9/10 (if its possible!). I could be wrong but i had pains and a bit of EWCM. Anyhoo for the past few days I have been getting twinges on my left side and the past couple of days have had dizzy spells including an awful one last night that made me want to vomit. I wonder of the twinges are just my system getting back to normal? I promised I would just see what happened and not obsess and that lasted all of 2 minutes!!lol!! Gah.. sorry for the ramble image just needed to get it off my chest! x

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  • Hi ShellK,

    I came off the pill in Feb and I was the same as you near enough, my 1st cycle off the pill was 37days. I too noticed EWCM about a week after AF, I was getting twinges on left side and felt a bit blur in the morning but was trying not to get my hopes up! I still havent had another AF and I am now on CD 50. I did a cheap HPT at the weekend and it showed negative :\? I have now got sore nipples and twinges in them. I honestly think its my body adjusting to coming off the pill but I am too becoming obsessed.
    Yours may be though, argh its soooo annoying! lots of babydust your way :\) xx
  • Its so annoying isn't it! Its only month 1 of ttc i think im going to turn into a mad woman!! :lol: Intresting to hear you have had similar to me. God knows how long my cycle will be this month then! :roll:
    Lot of babydust and luck to you x
  • Hi girls I have been off the pill for 4 weeks had my last pill bleed and am not waiting for AF should be cd 28 this friday. Anyway I have dizzy spells the last two days sore fuller boobs, more cm, blue veins in my boobs sore nipples and darker nipples and I took a test yesterday 11dpo and a BFN.

    I think it's just the pill like you said coming out of our bodies. I am now waiting for AF and praying to god they return to me soon.

    K xx
  • Out of interest me dear what pill were you on? I was on Mercilon for about 10 years. Its trying to pin point when you are OVing too! nightmare. I bought a clearblue fertility monitor which was silly perhaps as my bloomin AFs are not regular yet but hey ho! good luck :\) xx
  • I know that was not for me but thought I would say as well I was on Micro 30 for just under two years

  • I was on Cilest for years. I might get some ovulation predictor kits. But then I dont want to put pressure on myself. lol maybe I shall just get some patience instead! Do they sell it on ebay? :lol: xx
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