Freaked out this is gross - TMI!!!

My god girls ok this is really nasty and gross I am so sorry but I have just freaked myself out. I went to loo and I felt wet not really wet but like wet cm. It was just on the out side not on my knickers but when I felt myself and so i check my cm and felt inside and it was thick and white mostly BUT there was bits that was yellow!!!! This is really nasty but it looked like when you have a bad cold and you have snot!!

I am so sorry to write this down I know it's nasty I am so red in the face right now but what the hell does that mean?? I have never had that before!!



  • I'm sure it's quite normal K-lou. Remember your body is getting used to being off the pill. I wouldn't worry too much if I was you. Just keep on eye on things until you know exactly what your body does.

    I know you've never had this before but did you used to try feeling it like you do now??

  • No I have never looked at my cm before , erm I feel dirty LOL most of it was white but it made me feel a little sick LOL

  • I'm sure it's probably quite normal and it's only because you are now inspecting yourself much more than you ever have done in the past. You probably wouldn't have noticed anything before.

    These things are not the most pleasant things we can do!!

  • ha ha ha tell me about it I actually feel really sick now. The yellow cm was right at the opening of my cervix!

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