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erm... oh my god... i did it...



  • ooh congrats poppy! when is your edd - i think we'll be due around the same time! see you in due in sept xx
  • congrats!!!! hope it's the world's stickiest bean
  • Yay!!! Ive just come back on to see if you had spoken to your sis- im soooo made up for you xxx
  • Congratulations!!! Lots of sticky dust to you xxx
  • yay, congratulations xx
  • oh congrats poppy, just knew by your earlier posts that you were! Here's to a H & H 8months
  • You clever girl sweetie, just made me cry! Fingers crossed for a sticky one for you! xxx
  • Congratulations! ***sticky babydust***
  • Congrats image xxx
  • Hi, i had my gp appt today, i'd had pain in my shoulder last night and pains on my ride hand side so was a bit worried. She said it was a bit early to have symptoms of ectopic pregnancy (i'm about 4 weeks 4 days and symptoms start 5 - 6 weeks for an ectopic) so seen as i'd had wind at the time i had the shoulder pain image it was probably just that. She took my blood to check my hcg levels and i'll have to go back on thursday to have blood taken again to check that my levels have doubled. She also told me to ring the early pregnancy unit tomorrow as after my last 3 mcs i was told that if i got pregnant again they would need to give me injections of hcg to help me keep hold of my little bean.

    Thank you so much for all your congratulations!! I'm sat here trying not to cry as my oh is sat across the room and he'll think i'm soft! It's really lovely of you all, thank you x
    When i did the test yesterday and saw the 2 lines coming up i ran downstairs in a panic crying and shaking waving the test around, he took it off me and read the instructions and said yep, you're pregnant and hugged me while i cried like a fool!!

    I just can't believe i've been so lucky and hope my luck carries on.
    I'm a bit scared because, as i've said before, my oh is going away early Jan for 6 months. He'll miss my scans and stuff but i'll be able to send him pictures.

    As for my sister, i told her last night and she's really pleased for me.
    She was asking me what i thought of different names so i'm hoping she's realised how awful it would be to pinch my name.

    Thank you again for all being so lovely and i'll send lots of baby dust your way xxxx ;\)
  • I'm so happy for your poppy... i'm sure your bean will stick.... my hubby works away so i know what its like. So many women on here have fallin pregnant this month.. lets pray we can add one more ME!
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