Few q please - + on opk today

Hi all

Am only in my first month of trying not using a CBFM and I promised myself I wouldnt get too caught up on SS and OPK's etc but I have a POAS addiction!!!!

So I have done an OPK today and both lines are very similar in colour I done a FR only bought them because they were BOGOF. I knew I was due ovulation around 7th and so I think I have got my positive today does that mean I have to BD between 24-36 hrs now??

We BD last night and this might sound stupid but I slept with a pillow under my bum and we put a pillow under my bum duing BDing!!

I had my xmas party last night and for the past 2 weeks have felt exhausted so I done a FR test because it didnt sit comfortably with me that I would be drinking if I thought there was a chance I could be preg.

Anyway I got a BFN so at least I was able to enjoy my xmas party and have a few glasses of wine so I think we are in with a good chance for a XMAS PUDDING having got my +. I am not going to tell husband but if we BD last night will that last until ovulation or should we BD again tomorrow?? or even tonight??

How often should we be BDing?? I am due to test 22nd Dec so guess I will be in the 2WW from monday onwards!!

Ok so a few more questions and please dont think I am stupid but what is EWCM is this the discharge people get on their knickers? and what is CM and what is the diff between the two??

Like I said all we have done this month is used an OPK and tried to BD more regularly but we havent been doing the deed every other night as hubby has been working really hard and has been too tired.

So what do you think our chances are for this month then? not using zestica, preseed or charting, temping etc (not yet anyway he he) xx


  • EWCM is the egg white cervical mucus- so the kind i think you should have when trying, and CM is just when it changes at different times. EWCM is prob the kind you get in your knickers, and the rest of the time its different, like drier or you wouldnt see it in your knickers (well, i know im like that)

    Im really not sure about the others things though, im really confused when people say they didnt ov as i thought that was just what happened, im really confused?!!
  • basically its thought best to bd on few days leading to estimated ovulation, day of ovulation and day after ovulation to stand best chance of getting pg. however fertilisation can take place outside fallopian tubes so it is possible to concieve in later part of cycle, week before af say, but this is unusual xx
  • Thanks huns for your replies I done an OPK as I wanted to see if I would ovulate around the time I had worked out I would am I got two lines the same colour on a FR. I got this yesterday morning, now I am planning on seducing hubby later but he doesnt want to know when am ovulating etc its hard not to get caught up in it all, we also BD fri night and I slept with a pillow under my bum.

    Does sperm live for 3 days as we could already have a chance but I want to BD tonight just incase!! I so want to get pregnant first time but I also dont want to set myself up for a nasty fall either way if i dont get my BFP at xmas I will get AUNTY visiting!!! Grr...

    Thanks ladies xx
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