Hey girls,

I've got my exams next week 4 of them!!! So I think i need to concentrate on studying for the next week so gonna TRY and stay off the site cuz I end up spending ages goin though all the msgs!! Hope everyone who is waiting in the next 2 weeks or so for BFPs - gets them!!!

I myself am due next Tuesday 20th May so if SHE doesn't turn up I'll be testing on Wednesday 21st. I'll pop back on Wednesday to let you know whether its a BFAF or a BFP!!!

Lets all hope its the latter!!

Keep positive girls and I'll chat to you on Friday 23rd May!! Hopefully with a BFP update on Wednesday!!

Take care

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  • Good luck for the exams and of course the bfp!!xx
  • Good luck with your exams and i hope you get your BFP. Look forward to checking in on 23rd. I due on 22nd so will hopefully be poas on 23rd too !!!!
  • Good luck Emerald with your exams and BFP! - I will be rooting for you!. I'll be testing on 22nd May so looking forward to your response on 23rd.
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