??? BFP

Hi All

I have just done another test as still no AF and was due Thursday and a BFN yesterday, anyway I think it is positive. Having never seen one before I am not sure how dark the positive line should be but there is def a line there compared to nothing yday.

Does anyone know how dark the line should be or is anything a BFP.

Em x


  • A line is a line so they say, as long as it's the same colour as the control line it doesn't matter how dark it is. Generally, this early on it won't be as dark as the control line anyway.

    Can you post a pic?
  • g/c - put a pic up!! xx
  • Hi huni a line is a line no matter how faint!! You sound like you have your bfp!! congrats image x
  • woooo sounds like a bfp to me! cngrats! already btw! lol, u only just joined lol xxxxx
  • Nice ne hon!!! image
    Maybe if you want to reassure yourself do another in a few more days.

  • Morning All

    Thank you for all your replies. I have done 2 more tests (one y'day and one this morning) and the were both BFPs!!!!!

    We are so pleased and excited!

    I hope you all get you BFPs soon. Thanks for all your replies again.

    Big Hugs

    Em x x x x x
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