How to work out DPO?

Bit confused here. wonder if any of you ladies can help.

Decided to use OPK this month as I was not sure when I was ov as my cycles are around 26 days. Anyway, had a positive yesterday yay! CD13 :\) anyway, I understand positive OPK means you might ov in the next 36h or so.
So how do you actually know when you have actually ovd, not tracking bbt?
How do you ladies work out DPO?
Thanks in advance xxx


  • Hi hun

    You will ovulate anytime within 12-36 hours but prob more likely within 24hrs as egg cant survive as long as sperm.

    If you got your pos opk yesterday, chances are you will ov today so tomorrow will be 1dpo how long is your lp?? time between ov and af??

    If your cycles are 26 days then tomorrow will be 1dpo and you have a 13 day lp so you can test on Sun 4th July

  • Hey Sparklling Dimond, thank you very much you reply.
    Ok get it. This is a first month of me using opk as I was not sure when I was ov and I think most months missed ov periods, doesn't help that my oh worksaway 4-5 days a week.
    Not really sure what my lp is but I guess that sounds about right since my af is on avarage 26 days, last month super short 25!
    I was surprised that I got pos on CD13 as I always thought since my cycles are short I ov earlier in the cycle, and ov calanders were giving me earlier dates.
    Hopefully we have done it this time as hubby is away now till friday.
    I've been following your story SD hope all ok with you.
    Baby dust to all xxxx
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