how much weight? not ttc related


ive been on a couple of weight loss threads, and im reading how everyone is doing.

Just have a question though, i thought 2 lbs a week was good and ive been doing about 3/4lbs, but loads of people are doing much more. Is the whole 2lbs for people who are already really quite healthy?

The reason im asking is because (although i do want to lose weight for a baby) we've got a wedding in 7 weeks and i would like to have that as a short term target and would like a good goal for then, but i dont know what to make it as i dont want to make it unrealistic or unhealthy.

Thank you


  • 2lb is considered a steady healthy weightloss, they say the slower it comes off the less likely it is to come back on. having said that those wo are bigger are more likley to lose weigh faster initially as they have more 'disposable' fat, lol. usually u lose more in ur first week than any other week and then shld even out at about 1-2lb per week after that (depending on how much u have to lose). i wld say, one stone wld be an achieveable goal in seven weeks, taht wld be 2lb per week excatly, and then if u go over thaty, bonus, rather than settings oemthinga tougher and then being dissapponited if ur weightloss slows down. hth xx
  • thank you!! Thats a good way to think of it too. Im off to do my devina work out....well, maybe after my cup of tea!!

  • Hay, Oh and i are both dieting and he is loosing 2lb each week and were eating the same things He has lost 5lb in 2weeks and i have lost 12lb.
    I think it also makes a difference that i have LOTS(4/5 stone) to lose and it will come off me easer than someone with only a little to lose.
    Dont worry about it and try to take it steady we'll all get there.
    Good Luck hun
    BFP's all the way xxxx
  • I think 2lb a week is considered healthy because in order to lose 2lb of fat you will have to have a calorie deficit of 7,000 calories in one week. You'd have to have 1,000 calories a day in order to achieve that loss, excluding exercise.

    To begin with weight loss can be faster as it can be a variety of things that you're losing, like water weight etc, which comes naturally from eating healthier/drinking more water.

    Best of luck with your weight loss! x
  • Have you seen what ur BMI is? Rather than fixing on a goal weight, why not see how much you'd have to lose to get a healthier BMI if you are overweight?
    Or if you just have a bit to lose why not buy the size lower dress for the wedding and them aim to fit in it! Great short term goal! (But i always keep the receipt - just in case!)
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