ovulation tests - can anyone suggest any

Hi- has anyone got any experience with ovulation tests/sticks. i don't know if they are any good and which to go for. They seem to be cheaper online but i am weary of buying cheap tests as i did cheap preg tests that showed neg when they should have been positive (at 6 weeks preg). I just want to use them during the first cycle after my mc so i know if things are back on track.


  • I used Unitest from Wilkinsons (nice and cheap). Very reliable.
  • Thankyou for your suggestions. Cheap and reliable sounds nice, how much are the Wilkinsons ones?
  • I used the clearblue with my 1st and caught 1st month - prehaps I need to try them again this time. x
  • i was buying the boots/superdrug own brand ones. not very cheap but if you can buy them when they are on a deal (eg buy one get one half price) then it isn't too bad. i too was wary of cheap internet tests.

    not sure if DH will allow me to buy any when we start again! (not that he would know, but it might be a bit of a giveaway if i shout yipeee from the toilet and then encourage him to come upstairs for some BDing!)

  • maybe i shall go for clearblue - really don't know. they are so expensive though. after the mc, my body is all over the place so feel like i will need a fair few tests to figure out what is going on
  • haha - yeah- think your hubby may suss things out mrs-e. i have seen the superdrug ones on buy one get one free at the moment - ooh too much choice!
  • they are buy one get one free?!! don't tell me that lol!! and with my 10% off voucher it is all too tempting to stock up!

  • yeah - buy one get one free in one of the superdrugs in town but not the other - (plymouth) - don't want to get your hopes up in case they aren't where you are. offer ends june the 10th
  • Wilkinsons were ??4 for 5. Weren't on offer either. (Pink box)
  • thanks MAC1 - shall pop down there today
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