Who will be OV around 16th 17th May?

Was just wondering who will be OV around the 16th or the 17th May?? I wanted to know who I will be on my 2ww withimage

K xxx


  • I might be but still not quite sure of cycle lengths and ov days!! :lol: If cycle is the same as last month (25 days) should ov on 18th. But could be a 24 day cycle or 29 :lol:
    I'll be your 2ww buddy if I can!!!
  • yay that would be wicked this is my first try just come off the pill so i think i will be ov around that time but like you not 100% sure. Well at least we can do it together this month image

  • Good plan. This will be month 4 for me. Are you using ov sticks or anything to tell when you are oving?? I started using them last month so I knew roughly when to do the deed!! Keep in touch!! I'm sure others will join us too.
  • No i am not using them, as i have only just come off the pill a week and a half ago and the af i just had was because my body thought I was on the 7 day break I will wait to see how long it will take for my body to get back to it;s normal self before using them.

    I have a really good feeling about June image xxxxxxxx
  • I'm not ruling out May yet!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • lol oh yeah hee hee well I will have all my fingers and toes crossed for you xxxxxx
  • I am due to ovulate around 16/17th May and I am really hoping that we get a BFP this month because it's our 1st year wedding anniversary and we are staying at the place we got married in on the 16th and 17th so will be interesting to see if a year later we conceive......
  • Ahhh that is really sweet. Well honey I will have everything crossed for you and i wish us all that bfp. At least we can do this together eh and we will not be on our 2ww alone image

  • I might be...I've just come off the pill so unsure of when my body is going to kick back into action and start to ov again, fingers crossed it won't take long.

    But got those dates with a little star beside them on the calender! x
  • maddie 2008 - really hope you get your bfp this time. That would be really special. Awwww!
  • Think I will be x

  • I will be due to Ov just a day or so later.....
  • woo hoo this is great so now we will all be on the 2ww togetherimage it makes it seem easier knowing i wont be alone and that we will all be going through the same thing you know.

    K xxx
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