i would like some advice

hi i am new here just an hour ago lol

i have a really bad pain in my tummy and a little in my back i dont have periods and i have pos so i dont know when i will :\? ov i just wanted to know what these pains are and i am bd ing in hope to have a baby

many thanks emma xxx


  • Do you not have AF(period) at all?

    It could be OV pains, and in which case you need to bd! You can get stocks to test for OV which might help in your case
  • Hi Emma, welcome to the site!! We are all loony toons here!

    It's impossible to say what the pains are. They could be anything really. OV pains, AF pains or just pains. Sorry to here about PCOS. Have you tried using the OV sticks? They help you determine when you are oving and will be quite helpful if you don't have periods or regular cycles. You can get some really cheap ones off ebay.

    Also, there are lots of people on here with PCOS and they will be able to give you some guidance on dealing with it. There are various different potions, lotions and herbal remedies you could take but I'm not really the one to ask.

    All I would say is keep bding every other day or so and hope that you get your BFP.



  • thank you i've not thought about the sticks yet i only have a period every 1-2 years i hope this is it but not to worried yet as we only talked about having another one last week lol but thanks for the help
  • If you want some OV sticks - look on ebay for a shop called ''fertility friend'' as they do some brilliant deals - you can get a mix of 50 pg and ov stick for around ??8.50!! Any combination and strength you want!
  • thats really good just gunna go have a look
  • Hi emmajanesmith and welcome to the site, not sure what the pain is but good luck ttc and hope you get your BFP really soon.
  • thank you all for the kind words and the advice good luck to you all

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