had a good day today!!!! lol

Well after yesterdays misery i have had a pretty good day!!!

We went to see our new house today and paid the deposit so all is confirmed and we should be moved by end of march!! woop woop!!

I had a call about a job and have an interview monday morning!! yaaay!! v excited/nervous

and i also started packing too! just don't know where to put the boxes!! lol!!

how was everyone elses day??


  • Evening Mrs JC!

    Glad to see you have had a good day! I have been at uni all day finishing an assignment and finally got it done!! - phew!

    Just watching the chris moyles quiz show thingy now and eating yesterdays chinese!! xx
  • well done you for finishing it!! i don't have the patience for things like that!! lol

    I'm also watching chris moyles, he's so funny and i love david walliams!!!

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