Are these good signs?

Hi girls

Yes I am symptom spotting again but i am getting excited and I need to just chill out.

For the last few days I have no really been able to go to the loo.
I am still very bloated
Cm feels wet when I check but then when i check check it;s like very thin and soo much like just before I OV?
I am still getting little cramps though they at times feel like they are burning?
bleeding gum this morning and I keep tasting blood in my month though this could be from the gum?

k xx


  • ooh sounds very promising k-lou! ive been gettin those burning cramps 2,when u due 2 test?im test 2mos morn as im on CD50 2mos n no sign of af yet.just these pains which r comin n goin n slight nausea,just wish i knew wots happenin x
  • oooooooooooooooh i had blood taste in my mouth this morn!!!!! cm sounds like a very good sign, have you been bd alot this month we have been loads!!! since CD9 every other day, i so hope we can go to pregnancy together!!!! LOL xxxxx

  • Hi girls do you think the cm is a good sign?? I was worried as most girls say they have loads and loads of cm before the BFP but I hardly have anything, though i never have much anyway hence using pre seed.

    I am due to test this friday but am soooo scared it will be a BFN.

    K xxx
  • Is your cm watery? The bloatness is also a good sign too. Good luck for Friday K.
  • Ive got my fingers crossed for you for Friday x x
  • fingers crossed for friday but you could test anytime now if you wanted. hehe
    Filo x
  • oooooo sounds good so far. Fingers crossed for you hun
  • Sounds promising so keeping my fingers crossed for you too!
  • Hi girls image thank you all. My god I soooo nearly tested this morning LOL

    It kind of it, TMI coming up......if I touch myself before going in so to say I felt wet though when I check my cm inside it;s like a creamy texture and there is hardly any of it? The tiny little bit i do have kinda looks how it looks before OV.

    I am soo bloated and have been really for the whole two months. Every now and then I get a pain that feels hot like a burning pain then it goes? I am also constipated which is really frustration.

    I do feel though that AF is on her way I just have this feeling. I woke up this morning and though i was going to wee myself I was so full or had that sort of feeling. I have been like nearly every morning?

    I really do not want to get my hopes up as this is my second month off the pill and could be my body playing tricks on me again.

    K xx
  • Oh I hope it is good news for you honey!!! Keep us posted image
  • omg sounds promising K. constipation is a good sign. please try to resist testing hun as hard as that is. good luck

  • I am trying i am trying LOL

    I really want to test tomoriw do you think that would be ok? That will be 13 dpo

    k xx
  • DONT DO IT!!!!!! stay strong xxxxx
  • LOL so you think i should hold out for two more days rather than one?

    Oh man , I have a nurses app tomorrow as well, I just moved doctors and this will be like a hello meeting and to check me the once over. I thought maybe just maybe if I was preg that I could tell her there and then and get her or the doctor to confirm it?

    K xx
  • You could mention symptoms to the nurse, and if they suspect they will do a test for you? Just a thought?
  • good idea immense, but otherwise DONT TEST K........
  • yea do that!!!!!! image xxxx DONT TEST YOUR SELF!!! xxx
  • LOL why??? LOL

    You girls are making me laugh hee hee. I soooooo want to test tomorrow. If it says BFN I will be upset but will feel soooo much better for knowing if you know what I mean. It might AF come faster?

    K xx
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