when to test stress

so.... i stopped taking the pill on Jan 1st and started ttc straight away.... i conceived my first child missing 1 day on the pill.. so i am hoping will get preggers really quick.

My periods are SO irregular (why i was on pill) that i have no idea how long my cycle is...

When do you think I should test? I know i wont for a couple of weeks... but I have no idea when to begin...

can anyone help or give advice?


  • well i would personally try and monitor when you OV cos then you can pretty much guess that AF willbe due moreorless 14 days after that.
    You can use an OPK,monitor your cm or temps?
    good luck -h hope it is nice and quick for you again image
  • Hi have you had a period yet?

    I would probably wait until you get your first af then count from CD1 onwards, try and download a clearblue calendar on your computer and monitor your cycle lengths that way you will have a better idea.


  • thanks guys, i just had a pill period... but not a real one since stopping pill... but i would seriously go about 6 months without having one before i was on pill.... so dont know if i can wait that long!
  • SD- I just went to download that, i havent seen that one.
  • if you have no idea when your af would be due. i would test if still no show a month after your last one started. then depending on result test every week until af shows up or you get a + result.
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