OK I'm ready to try OPKs

Hello ladies i've been around and trying for 3mths now i spose you could say casually. We have set a wedding date so now the timescale to get pregnant has increased priority and so I can find out when I ovulate i think it's time to try OPKs.

Having never used them at all (DS was a lovely surprise!) i wanted your advice and recommendation on which to buy, where from and any other tips really.

Thank you


  • Hi Flirty
    I suppose you could say I have also been trying for 3 months although only made a proper effort last month using OPK. Didn't work (well not pregnant!) but it was good to know exactly when ovulating. I used the clear blue digital one - you get a smiley face when you are ovulating! It was quite pricey at ??22 though - although I hear you can get much cheaper ones.
    I don't think I'll use it again this month, I know what my symptoms are now so I think I'll go au natural and hopefully time things right myself.
    Hope ths is helpful

  • I second the clear blue ones, love em!

    I have used them for two months and the day I ovulated changed so I am going to keep using them. They are expensive but worth it I think.

    I think you can get them cheaper on ebay/amazon so I might give that a look now...

  • Thanks for your advice, it's kind of what i was thinking but then I won a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor on ebay cheap tonight, so guess i'm going with that from start of next month.

    Question for you ladies now is...

    Can I use the clear blue OPKs this month, even though i;m on CD9? Assuming I rush out to the shops and buy them!
  • I use Amazon cheap dip sticks, you wee in a cup, or other recepticle! and then dip the stick in near to the line (not beyond it) then wait to see the lines appear. The trick with them is you will always have 2 lines (as you always have LH in your system) but the test line must be as dark or darker than the control line. It seems difficult to understand but once you get your first +ve you will know exactly what you're looking for.

    They are super cheap, I bought miune for $11 for 40 tests (I live in the USA so paid $'s, but I believe they are just as cheap in ??'s).

    Take a look at this webiste as it shows you what you're looking for, the pics with the series of tests were particulaly helpful to me. So I now use these teamed with BBT so I know when I'm about to ov and when I have ov'd.


    Good luck hun.
  • My cycle varies from 28 to 32 days it seems, might head up to boots once DS wakes up, and try the Clear Blue smileys this month!

    Thanks for advice on trying later in the day, guess i've got a lot to learn about the topic of peeing on a stick! HEHE

    How typical (and lovely) would it be if i didn't need the fertility monitor next month!?!
  • I bought the 7 pack in boots at ??23! ouch. I thought i needed them today CD10 so didn't have time to order, typical need them CD11 at the earliest so could have ordered online and paid for next day delivery and saved a fortune!

    Might still buy some ebay ones as cycle is between 28 and 32 so not sure if 7 sticks will be enough. Then i guess i can always ebay the balance left over? or am i getting a bit obsessed with peeing on a stick?!
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