Testing early

I am on CD25 of what I am guessing is a 28 ish day cycle. Last month was 25 and the month before was 30. Does this mean technically I can test now using an early test? If so which ones are best? I have a CBD at home but think there might be ones that test for lower levels, can anyone help? x


  • Hi there, yeah you could try, I'd go with 1st response. Good luck.xxx
  • Yes you could test now or you could wait for cd30 just in case you have another cycle that long. use 1st response x
  • are the cb normal ones no good for testing early?
  • cbd are not as reliable early but lots of supermarket ones are quite sensitive and cheap, wait til + on there then do cbd. Trust me it doesn't take the thrill away if you do a cheapie first.
    Filo x

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