late :?

so its been 38 days since my last period, making me really late. ive had no symptoms of being due on, such as sore boobs or back ache. so i did a test yesterday and it was negative?? im not sure if stress can cause a late af, as i lost my dad 2 months ago image help? xx


  • so sorry to hear about ur dad sweetie, sometimes stress can delay your af, maybe u just have a shy bean? leave it a few more days and test again? really hope its good news for u and ur family image xxx
  • thanks hun, i did the test at like 3pm, so maybe it requires a bit of morning wee?! i really want to cheer my mom up with a bfp and me and my hubby too image xx
  • awwww thats the perfect thing to cheer u both up image yeah try with fmu, fingers crossed for you xxxxx
  • fingers crossed for you hun xxxx
  • On my first daughter Emily who I had 8 months ago I didn't get a positive until 2 weeks after I thought I was late. There is always hope x fingers crossed for you
  • me too hunny- i hope for all your families sake you get a bfp . maybe me too!!!
  • me too hunny- i hope for all your families sake you get a bfp . maybe me too!!!
  • my friend had two bfn's before getting a very faint bfp, so heres hoping. im gonna try my best to wait a while and then test in a few days if theres no af. thanks lovely ladies xx
  • woooop! keep us posted! im excited for you x
  • i'm now stressing myself by going on websites and looking at symptoms and the chances of being pregnant after a bfn. it says just 1% chance if 7 days late or more and you still get a bfn. i'm going to sit in a corner and cry if the next test is negative, cos 1% is not exactly an exciting figure!!dammit xx
  • Oh deballen i'm so sorry to hear about your Dad.
    Hugs hun xx

    But yes, I think stress can delay af. My husband was injured in Iraq last year and my 30 day cycle lasted nearly 50 xx
  • Hi deballen

    So sorry to hear about your dad hun, have you tested again?

    Fingers crossed its a shy bean for you

  • hi!thanks for that sd, its been a tough time as he chose to take his own life so there are so many unanswered questions as we were so close image
    i did a test yesterday, bfn, my boobs are sore and im moody as hell so af is definatley on the way. i just want it here so i can start tracking my ov and my cycles properley xx thanks everyone xx
  • So sorry to hear about your dad, Stress can have an impact. A couple of years ago my Grandma was really ill and I was 2 weeks late - I had a bang on 25 day cycle and kept getting bfn's. Then af just showed up! Boo, although in the long run it wasn't the best of timings! Keeping fingers crossed though that yours is a bfp and you just have a shy bean x
  • So sorry to hear about your dad hun! Stress that huge can definately delay AF but it's likely that it will return back to normal when you feel abit better!

    Hopefully it's a shy beanie though hun!
  • i'm getting back ache now and never thought i'd say this, but i just want af to show up so i can get back to normal!i feel a bit sad knowing that ii probably havent ovulated at all this month so i;m hoping all is still well and working properley. i'm dealing with my mom at the moment, who has decided to threaten suicide this week so i reckon its not going to be normal for quite a while. and people think they have problems cos england havent won the world cup!xx
  • here i am, finally, af has arrived!well, she arrived monday night so has nearly gone now. I'm going to try and get my bfp properly now and my hubby is happy at the thought of getting down to it!xx thanks for your loveliness whilst i was in period limbo image xx
  • bummer, next month ey? good luck xxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi,

    I'm sorry to hear the news of your Dad. I hope in time you can find peace.

    Glad that AF has arrived and you are moving forward with ttc - best of luck this month but be kind to yourself and no pressure x
  • to be honest, i knew it was coming as i had all the signs but it just seemed to take forever!going to try my best to relax and find a bit of peace as due to the migrane i had today, i dont think all the stress is doing my body any good!xx
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