traumatic two week wait PMA plummets

The first time I have ever started a topic !

The strangest two ish week wait so far for me.

Was feeling REALLY REALLy positive about our appoinment next week which represents the end of five month wait for clomid. Felt like soon we could really join the race propertly if you like.

Even booked a seaside break to faciliate relaxation and give maximum opportunity for the fun stuff

Over the last few day have been in severe pain and require some farily horrid surgery and the op is sheduled for next week.

Am in no mans land 10 days past what probably was not ovulation .. but there is that slim possibility haunting me

Cannot take the medication or the painkillers I am presribed as they are not liceneced for pregnancy. Have to have the surgery regardless but what happens if I am PG. Would be on the day my AF was due but pain and stress might delay that?

Have been POAS like mad but BFN just feel really bad for hoping that it stays that way. Am terrified that the anesthetics might have an effect...

Also puts massive hole in the TTC as poor old hubbie can't come near me for weeks stiches etc.. am 39 soon boooo

Sorry for rant just feeling a bit wierd and off work. Cannot walk really so can't get out.
Cabin fever I guess

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  • Oh hun, you sound in a right pickle. I don't know what you are having surgery for but it must be necessary so you really should go for it. Sounds like bad timing but keep POAS until next week just in case.

    If you've been in a lot of pain then once that's gone you should hopefully feel more relaxed and the chances of conceiving should be improved. You need to be a healthy mummy for when you do get pregnany and, I know it's easy to say, but lots and lots of people have lo's at 39 or older.

    You can have a little of my PMA if that helps and I will be thinking of you next week. Let us know how you get on.

    Lots of cuddles;\)

  • oh honey sounds like your having a rotten time of it!!
    sorry not really of any help but didn't want to R&R
    have you told the doc's theres a chance? could they maybe do blood test before op??

    try and rest as much as possible and get oh to wait on you hand and foot!!!

  • Stay strong! The hospitakl can take bloods to test if you are pg if you are worried. I just had an op a month ago so we had to miss out a month of ttc image It felt like an age but as Mrs Hopeful has said it is important that you're healthy for when you conceive.

    Wishing you lots of luck with the op.

  • Sorry you are having such a horrid time. This ttc lark is stressful enough without 'other things' getting in the way. Have my PMA - not that there is much there I'm afraid!

    Lots of luck with the op and fingers crossed once you start ttc again things will work out.

    Take care
  • oh hunny, what a crappy time you're having. not got anything more helpful to add to but agree with everyone else, your health is very important and you need to be in the best of health regardless of age in order to have a healthy pregnancy - keep peeing just in case but try not to worry xxx
  • Oh babe I am sorry all of this is happening to you, sometimes the waiting is the worst part in life. It will all be ok though and before you know it all this will havepassed as time flys now days and you will be able to start trying again

    K xxxxx
  • Ladies
    THANK YOU - you are solid gold made me smile. Will just have to heal fast and get back on the case
    Just a bit weird to be searching for signs that I am not pregnant instead of vice versa...
    You are all fab
  • Big hugs. You sound so stressed poor thing but usually before surgery you get asked if you are or could be pregnant. Think you should keep POAS in case. My mum had her appendix removed when she was pg with me and didn't know she was pg and I survived! Masses of PMA. xxx
  • Hi J-Jenko, not really sure what to say Hun but I hope you op goes well & to plan, keep testing as you never know! You will get your BFP, just think u have so much to look forward to! When are u starting the Clomid?xxx
  • Guys thanks again... it means so much when people answer back. Have had some gorgeous flowers today from hubby and friends... Awwww
    Star the clomid was meant for May but realistically we won't be able to start it until June.
    Just felt my name would have officially been in the Feb 09 forum still am thinking March 09 or April even could be a fab place
    Have a great weekend
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